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Closets You Will Not Want to Come Out Of.

Closets are often one of the least considered, yet most important spaces in the home. If you think about it, you might spend more time than you realize in the closet – it sets the tone for the beginning and end of each day. I know my closet could use a little organizational help, so I definitely spend more time than necessary trying to navigate my belongings and figure out outfits. Which gets me to the point— customized closets rock, you can find everything in them and they are gorgeous. Especially these closets by the Brazilian company Ornare, which just graced Dallas with a showroom this spring, their second showroom in the US showcasing hot kitchen, bath and closet design, all custom. Whether open concept or with closed doors, each inch of a closet space is meant to be designed for the client’s specific needs and lifestyle. This level of detail creates very intimate spaces. Visit the showroom and you will feel the uniqueness.

Luxury Closet, Custom closet

The closet should be an extension of the client’s personality. The Paris collection, above, has my name ALL OVER IT. Those smoothly finished doors and the hardware make me swoon. The design is clean and the insides are so completely customizable that belongings are efficiently and elegantly stored… so perhaps one might not need as much space…? Well, that’s up to you. The Paris Collection just oozes glam- I would never come out of this closet. Check out the jewelry drawer inserts, also completely customizable:

Jewelry Drawer, luxury closet, closet trends, her closet

Are you with me now in the coveting?!! If your tastes lean more to the masculine style, there are options in suedes and leathers that are incredibly Thomas Crownish. All of these styles have motion activated LED lights, drawers that glide like buttah, hidden hardware, manly-man custom drawer inserts for ties, socks, folded shirts, shoes, boots, passport,etc. Anything you can think of, believe me, they have already thought of it. Ornare will even line the gliding shoe shelf in hide.

Ornare, His Closet, luxury closet, closet trends, her closetTheir hardware is stunning- jewelry for the closet. How hot is this tie rack?? The crocodile panel you see is installed to the wall with many functions of convenience for the modern gentleman. And by the way, there are many finishes available for any part of the design.

Tie Rack, Belt rack, his closet, luxury closet, closet trends,


Leather Closet doors, Hand Stitched, Ornare, custom closet

This design is all leather with gorgeous hand stitching, in detail, and recessed door handles.

Custom Closet Door Handles, luxury closets, custom closets

While we are talking details, look at some of the door handle options: Clockwise from top left- The Paris Collection, leather, custom monogrammed, and horn.

Closet hardware, luxury closets, custom closetEven the hardware detailing for the shelves and hanging rods are carefully considered. Ornare knows that it is all in the details. These sleek Brazilian designs are helping to keep America beautiful, one closet at a time. Ornare works closely with designers and architects to create luxury design with unique materials, ensuring that each project meets the exclusivity that the client desires. So, if you desire to introduce a little sleek organization to your closet space, and you need a designer (ahem, that would be me) or architect (happy to recommend one), let me know.


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us a new vendor option. I love the door hardware.


  2. These are gorgeous. I had never heard of this company, very nice! Love the hardware and that crocodile panel. Hmmmm, think I need a new closet. 🙂

  3. Wonderful information. Love the luxury of the closets. Especially the leather!

  4. We’ve had them in to the office a few times to discuss the product – quality level and options seem really nice. It’s a well thought out product.


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