Linens For Every Room and Occasion

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LINENS: For Every Room and Occasion

“Once you see all the ways embellishment can make linens distinctive and unique, piece to piece, you’ll understand why they’re fast-moving to the forefront of decorative decisions in home decor-”  -Jane Scott Hodges

One of the places I always tell my design savvy friends to shop in New Orleans is Leontine Linens. If you have ever been to the (flagship & only) store, you will know first hand what I speak of when I say it is linen heaven on earth. You can always shop on-line or with your local rep, but first you should pick up a copy of founder Jane Scott Hodges’ FANTASTIC book: Rizzoli’s LINENS: For Every Room and Occasion. The New Orleans girl in me is JUMPING UP and DOWN over how great this book is. This image-rich book is a gorgeous treasure trove of linens back story, advice, pointers, and visuals of design POSSIBILITY with Leontine Linens. Two words come to mind: quality and style.

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Hodges has turned monograms into an art form, updating the options of custom-made linens. The book shares timeless classics and contemporary stunners.

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Much like a brightly colored handbag, unique linens are just as adaptable as more traditional options.  Here, an eggplant place mat is appliquéd with a border of coral and paired with a ‘chopstick’ monogram for an unforgettable table bathed in color.

What is more inviting and festive at the dining table than tablecloths or place mats and napkins—colorful or natural, vintage or new, richly embroidered and monogrammed, or crisply tailored? Yes, these niceties require more attention than no-iron percale, or paper-goods, but they are the hallmark of gracious living and entertaining, and we are drawn, more than ever, to these affordable domestic pleasures, for our own every-day use, and for our treasured dinner and house guests. Offering both visual inspiration and practical information, Jane Scott Hodges’ Linens: For Every Room and Occasion
is the ultimate guide to living and entertaining with fine textiles. Whether your style is classic or modern, casual or formal, crisply pressed or nonchalantly rumpled, linens are uniquely adaptable to the way you live and decorate and the surest way to put a personal stamp on your home. As the founder and owner of the couture fine linens company Leontine Linens, Hodges is credited with reviving the art of couture linens for everyday use, and she has spent the past two decades studying, collecting, and innovating in the world of fine linens.Leontine Linens on

Appliquéd vines complete this richly patterned room by Alexa Hampton.

What is more luscious on the bed than fresh linen sheets and cases, broken into velvety softness by regular use and proper laundering and pressing?

“The sheets and pillowcases are the parts of the bed you spend most of the time in contact with, so the touch and the feel of the fabric is of the utmost importance. Thread-count has become an unreliable method for designating quality, so pay attention instead to the type of fabric and weave. Cotton percale is cool and crisp. Cotton sateen is silky. Pure linen is….”  

you’ll have to read the rest in the book. Trust me as I gush on and on about the helpful tips, the beautiful ideas, the inspiring stories in this book. You will be an eager and educated shopper by the time you finish it. Believe me, I’m already mentally placing my order with Gigi, our Texas rep, since reading this book. (Let me know if you want her contact info.)

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 Inspired by D. Porthault’s bright and modern print, this daybed nestled on a summer balcony offers sanctuary from the real world. Colors, patterns, and appliqué and embroidery details are married to create a bright, bohemian, and chic perch.

The foreword is written by Charlotte Moss, who has done business with Hodges since the beginning of Leontine Linens. She refers to Hodges as “the priestess of pillows and placemats” and offers the following:

“Jane Scott brings Southern savvy and style to the parts of our households and heritage that link us to our grandmothers and daughters alike, and she does it with a great sense of color, a wicked wit, and limitless enthusiasm for what she does…”

 Throughout, the book offers liberal doses of the author’s expert advice and savvy insight on use and care, as well as contributions from leading decorators and home stylists. Replete with beautiful linen-filled rooms detailing countless interpretations of appliqué, embroidery, quilting, prints, monograms, and borders—and the myriad weaves and colors to explore—

Linens opens up the possibilities of a world of decorating and a fresh look at entertaining, and their importance and relevance to today’s artful lifestyle. About the Contributors: Founder of Leontine Linens, Jane Scott Hodges has revived the art of couture linens for the home. A celebrated tastemaker, prolific designer, and author, Charlotte Moss most recently wrote the successful Charlotte Moss: A Visual Life (Rizzoli, 2012).

“Yes indeed, exquisitely detailed linens turn life into living.” -Jane Scott Hodges

LINENS: For Every Room and Occasion is a must have.


If you already have the book and you want the linens, contact – the Leontine Linens goddess!!!

Hardcover / 9.5” x 12” / 240 pages / 200 color photos by Paul Costello/ $55.00 U.S. Rizzoli New York / ISBN: 978-0-8478-4216-2 / Release date: April 2014

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