It’s Cocktail Time Over at Huffington Post is mixing up cocktails over at Huffington Post
Easter weekend has officially launched brunch and outdoor entertaining season!  Come join me over at Huffington Post today to get my

top five cocktail recommendations

to serve your guests. It’s time to take the party outside – in style!  Invite your friends, share the cocktail recipes, come join me over at Huffington Post~



  1. You must be reading my mind! These are wonderful – can’t wait to try the watermelon spin to the already popular Mojito. So many of these use mint & I have been preparing for my Mint Julep/Derby post. There is only one mint variety I use!

    • Ha! Rita, you are too funny. We have an amazing mint variety as well that we swear by, I got it from my dad’s place in Hill Country years ago, and you know how hearty mint is (thank goodness). If any of you readers would like to have some of this mint to take over your own garden, stop on by!!

  2. These really do look fantastic and I’m not to proud to say that I enjoy a fruity drink when I’m sitting by the pool!

  3. I love your Huffington Post articles!! I love your voice. The Dwell one was fabulous. I love Pimm’s Number 1!!

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