How to Set an Artful Table- Entertaining Advice From An Expert

Pedro Friedeberg hands, Pedro Friedeberg Feet, PedroFriedeberg Angel, Pedro Friedeberg dressing table on www.CourtneyPrice.comYou may recall the piece I photographed and wrote for Traditional Home’s Great Kitchens Issue earlier this year, featuring tablescapes of the legendary Texas entertainer Jolie Berndt. Not one, but two table themes Berndt concocted. No two parties are alike for Berndt. Each one has a way of outdoing the last. She is always dreaming, conspiring and stocking up for the next party.  This is why people hire Berndt and her sisters– to help them to dream, purchase and execute the details of memorable entertaining.

Pedro Friedeberg wall art, table art, Piedro Friedeberg collector, on www.CourtneyPrice.comJolie and her husband Dave own a significant collection of Pedro Friedeberg Art. Shown above is a portion of it- on the table and wall.  Why do I share this with you? Because Berndt is brilliant… she says- “never be afraid to take a look around your house and use objects of decor as dinner table decoration.” What a novel thought.

PedroFriedeberg Dressing Table,Pedro Friedeberg collection on www.CourtneyPrice.comShe does just that here in her own home for a relaxed dinner for four one night. Don’t be deceived by the word relaxed. Even her casual entertaining will be effortlessly elegant.

single Rose, elegant details of entertaining, on www.CourtneyPrice.comBerndt opts for this table setting to let the art be the star of the show. She retreats to her pantry for a few crystal vases and proceeds to cut a few roses from her garden. Flowers, done. Check. She makes modern luxury look easy.

Pedro Friedeberg collection, dinner parties at home, on www.CourtneyPrice.comShe proceeds to set a beautiful arrangement of necessities (crystal water glasses, sterling wine goblets) – and then starts choosing the best height items from her Friedeberg collection to space, just so, creating an artistic arrangement of very fine art.

Pedro Friedeberg, How to set the table, creative entertaining,  on www.CourtneyPrice.comDepending on where you sit, you may have silver or gold; you may have hands or feet -or angel, or any of the iconic themes of the Pedro Friedeberg. Her table design is  such that her guests just stand to take in the layers of elements that create her perfect visual balance.

Pedro Friedeberg themed dinner on www.CourtneyPrice.comSo a glittering symphony begins to emerge, as she effortlessly continues, playing off of the cool metallic mix of silver and the gold of the art with her choice of dishes.

Anna Weatherley, Artful Entertaining, on www.CourtneyPrice.comAlways aware of the details, and known for her stunning flower arrangements, she opts to let the Anna Weatherley plates create the colorful pop of floral. Each plate is also a different piece of art. The linen napkins are fine and the napkin rings are sterling. The lines of the flatware jives beautifully with pattern on the silver goblets.

Artful Dinner, Pedro Friedeberg collection, on www.CourtneyPrice.comShe cleverly opts for silver chargers to go with these gorgeous gold-rimmed plates, creating the perfect optical balance.  For Berndt, there is no simple formula for entertaining, this is strictly instinct and talent. And she’s got lots more where this idea came from…

Texas Entertaining, Jolie Berndt, Art To Table Dinner, with a Pedro Friedeberg collection on www.CourtneyPrice.comIn case you are wondering, the food is always every bit as good as the table setting… as is the lively company.

 Berndt’s philosophy is a wise one: take a walk through your home. Take note of what you love, what you collect, you might surprise yourself. If you’ve got it, use.

Entertaining is an art form. Not everybody has the vision. But that’s OK. Sometimes we are wise to delegate these things to the pros. Berndt and her sisters join creative forces to execute serious parties, no detail left to chance – from themes to the greatest invitations you have ever seen- to dish details, menus, party favors, and all of the other details most people would never dream of… this is the dream team:

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