Hosts – Is Your Bar Ready for Entertaining?

It is 5:00 somewhere, are you ready for guests? Better yet, is your bar always ready for entertaining the holiday visitors? Make use of the nice barware you have, treat every day like that special occasion. Have the crystal glasses, ice bucket, decanters and small dishes or trays ready to break out for spur of the moment entertaining. There is nothing that will make a guest feel more relaxed in your home than your preparation on their behalf. We keep wine and champagne chilled and ready to go, martini ingredients, non alcoholic options and snacks…we have our regular visitors and know what they like! Regulars, you know who you are~

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Photo by Courtney Price

Cocktail question: what creative drinks are you mixing these days for your guests? Comment and let us know!


  1. this time of year I am shifting into Fall and my guests all know the Old Fashioned will be offered. Love this photo- it went to my Pinterest “Bars and Bourbon”.

  2. great photo! I like the old school feel of your bar area. I bet your home is beautiful! I want to see!

  3. Any Bombay Sapphire on that well-stocked bar? A drink? Why, thank-you. I’d love a gin martini, stirred, not shaken, straight up with one olive!

  4. Beautiful Libation Table

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