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Horn Serving Board on www.CourtneyPrice.comHoliday Shopping

It hardly seems anywhere NEAR time to even think about the holidays with the summer temps we have in Dallas, but this wonderful thing we have called Partners Card is all the catalyst Dallasites need to roust themselves out of the office or house to start–> and complete holiday preparations.  Partners Card offers 20% off at multiple retail locations, benefitting The Family Place to help victims of family violence, for ten days of shopping on sale. The city goes mad. The smart head straight to Mecox to complete their gift shopping and freshen up their homes before their guests arrive.

Slim Aarons on www.CourtneyPrice.comSlim Aarons is all the rage… and while one can buy Slim Aarons prints at various other locations, MECOX can order these fab prints in custom sizes of your choice– we’re talking BIG. With Slim, bigger is always better.

This one measures at 54 X 76  and makes quite the statement.

Skull on www.CourtneyPrice.comThis awesome accessory seems so appropriate for Halloween, but really should not be limited to seasons; it is timeless, like Leonardo da Vinci timeless, a classic.

Owl on www.CourtneyPrice.comSome of you personally know the good-looking talent behind this Arete piece… another classic that will enjoy extra celeb status during Halloween season.

Decorating With Shells on www.CourtneyPrice.comThese shells make a beautiful statement on their acrylic stands.

Acrylic Bases on www.CourtneyPrice.comSpeaking of acrylic stands! If I had a dollar for every time I was asked for a source for these… here you go!

Naughty Or Nice on www.CourtneyPrice.comLoving the Naughty or Nice… and the Nest Candles

Burled Wood Box on www.CourtneyPrice.comThese burled wood boxes are gorgeous. Mecox also stocks trays and solid color items by this same vendor and they are THE greatest for keys, readers, remotes, you name it. Great gift.

Hide And Horn - Great gifts- on www.CourtneyPrice.comSo handsome. Perfect for pens, makeup brushes, you name it. Note the hide magazine holders in the background.

decorative Books on www.CourtneyPrice.comBooks- always a great gift…

Mint Julep Cups and the perfect recipes for them on www.CourtneyPrice.comBetter yet, how about this book and some gentile props. Entertaining success!

Zebra Tray and barware on www.CourtneyPrice.comBarware aplenty, entertaining gifts aplenty at Mecox. I don’t doubt that the talents behind Mecox design are great entertainers themselves with the zeal that they deliver to ours. They make the rest of us look good.

Weenie Dogs on These weenie dogs are simply decorative. Cute or what?!!

Wishbones on www.CourtneyPrice.comAnd the wish bones— the greatest, most thoughtful gift, gift element… or decorative piece. I have a whole bowl of them that I bought a few years ago. They are quite the conversation starter.

Amethyst Ring on www.CourtneyPrice.comUnfortunately photos don’t do these massive slices of amethyst justice- they are huge statement pieces to adorn a table.

Green Votives on www.CourtneyPrice.comThese votives are hand blown, and come in a few colors. Many of the items in Mecox stores are made by local artisans, so there is always a good stash of “things you wouldn’t find elsewhere” in all of their locations.

Agate Coasters on Does this photo make you want to go stock up on hostess gifts for the holidays?

There is so much more than what I have just shown you… Mecox is full of greatness. Check it out.  Partners card goes through this Sunday, Nov 2, if you want to splurge (all participating stores sell them).

Mecox Dallas: 214-580-3800

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