High Gloss Interiors


photo via Elle Decor, design by Nate Berkus

High gloss is the most reflective and “blingy” paint finish there is. Because it is the most durable and cleanable, it is a great choice for molding and trim. It is also mildew resistant, making it a good finish for kitchens and bathrooms. I am a big fan of using high gloss in dining rooms because the high sheen creates an elegant sense of depth and drama, reflecting light all around the room. In a design sense, high gloss walls are not for the uncertain or squeamish. They involve considerably more labor and skill than other paint finishes in order to get the paint streak free. Also the walls must be perfectly smooth, seamless and flawless, so wall repairs and resurfacing are likely to need to be done before painting. High gloss paint is unforgiving so it should be done by specialists.  However,

the result is well worth the extra expense and efforts- the glossy walls exude drama, boldness and confidence. I absolutely love high gloss, and treasure any client who is willing to go for it in a design scheme.

high gloss blue walls MILES REDD- HOUSE BEAUTIFUL

 So does Miles Redd (above), no wonder I love his work, he is very confident with color and paint.

High Gloss walls Todd Alexander Romano

And Todd Alexander Romano, love his work too… Love these bold bright glossy walls. Photo via House & Garden.


 Robert Couterier’s dark high gloss paint really makes the art pop. Photo via Elle Decor.

High gloss walls by Steve Gambrel

Steve Gambrel

High Gloss walls

image via www.housecrush.blogspot.com

High Gloss walls Elle Decor, as seen on www.CourtneyPrice.com

Dark high gloss adds high drama to this dining room, as pictured in Elle Decor.

High gloss Dining Room, as seen on www.CourtneyPrice.com

Your thoughts- do high gloss interiors make your heart sing? Which one of these is your favorite? Do you have high gloss interiors in your home already? Please share your thoughts and experiences with us…

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  1. I love the turquoise walls behind the white banquette. I’ve used high gloss on furniture, but haven’t had the opportunity to use it on walls. The looks is fabulous, though.

  2. Not unless I had a professional come in! Even my FLAT paint looks uneven on my walls (and it aint the walls’ fault)

  3. Loving the high gloss finish! don’t have to use mirrors to get the effect! I think it works great in dining rooms and fabulous in an all white bedroom! Tres chic!

  4. THANK YOU!!! I love high gloss….and always had all my guest bathrooms in some wild color high gloss….even the ceiling. This a fab roundu of photos! I love every single one.

  5. Love the way the art gallary appears on the first space by Nate Berkus. The wall is a wonderful back-drop for the art. Now, I’m not so sure I would do this finish unless it was in a smaller space of my own, like a study. It cleans easily but shows marks easily too- always thinking about my kids. Julie at Simply Savvy

  6. Matt Viotto says

    Hi Courtney
    Have you seen anyone put hi gloss over textured walls? Not sure how it would look.


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