Handsome London Flat of Robin Birley

There is nothing better than a relaxing morning browse through the Wall Street Journal Magazine, just to stumble upon a gorgeous London home- wow! Anybody who has ever been to the posh clubs Annabel’s, Mark’s Club, George, Harry’s Bar or The Bath & Racquets Club might expect the look of this handsome London flat for Robin Birley, son of billionaire businessman Mark Birley- well known for his members-only nightclubs. Chock full of massive collections of art and accessories, this charming Knightsbridge flat weaves textures, patterns, and color magnificently into a warm eclectic look.

gallery walls for pictures, masculine design, masculine decor

Images courtesy of The Wall Street Journal.

What are your thoughts on this style? Handsome London Flat or too much stuff?



  1. perfect!! What a beautiful flat! Thse are wonderful and real gallery walls! Good job with this post….I see, I see…I’m impressed

  2. Not too much for me! Beautiful arrangements of interesting theme, color and texture. Visual Interest. Great post!

  3. The art is incredible…I can never have too much. Would love an art collection like that!! 🙂

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