Dining By Design

What an honor to be the feature of Sarah ONeil’s Dining By Design series today. Sarah, who runs a successful interior custom design workroom business, a website, active social media presence and a full life outside of work, has made time to do The Dining by Design series where she has interviewed Barry DixonBrandon Smith,  Charlotte MossJamie HerzlingerJan ShowersKelly HoppenMartyn Lawrence BullardMary Douglas DrysdaleMatthew Patrick Smyth,  Meredith HeronMichael Boyd, and Patti Johnson. She is a thoughtful and gracious interviewer. Thanks for including me Sarah!

Courtney Price Interview

Sarah’s post here: Dining By design- Courtney Price


  1. You look so BEAUTIFUL!!! will click on over now

  2. AWESOME interview!

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