Smart Home, Bright Idea- with Cree Connected LED Bulbs

Smart Home Lighting Innovations on  #girltechThe new Cree Connected LED bulbs are my favorite home upgrade that I have seen in a while. They are easily controlled from anywhere, individually or in groups of lights.  There are so many great things about these bulbs, beyond convenience and light quality – I am putting them on the must have list. [Read more…]

iPhone and iPad Users, Meet the iStick

iStick Lightning Connector on

Meet the iStick, the USB drive solution for iPads and iPhones. I participated in their kickstarter campaign and am thrilled to now have one because the iStick is a winner for mac mobile device users- a major space savor. This tiny little gem, with the help of the accompanying (free) app, allows you to easily, quickly and safely move data between computers, iPhones, iPads and iPod touches without the need for Internet, wireless networks or the Cloud where hackers and others (e.g. 3rd party server operators) may gain access. [Read more…]

ZOMM Wireless Leash

Zomm review on

Today we will review a cool little gadget, the ZOMM, which is a wireless leash (for you people who lose your keys, gadgets, etc…) and safety device.  [Read more…]

Nest Does it Again- A Smoke Detector That’s Not Annoying

nest smoke detector

 Another Nest game changer hits the market: The NEST PROTECT, controllable with the iOS app, selling for $129.

It thoughtfully acts as a motion sensitive night-light, if you walk through the room in the dark, and will alert your iPhone of smoke or elevated carbon monoxide levels, and false alarms can even be waived quiet with the flick of a hand. The device will actually talk to you with a human voice to tell you what and where the problem is- and send you a polite message on your iOS device- even when the batteries are running low — rather than a middle of the night shrieking annoying alarm.

I just love Nest technologies and aesthetics- what will they think of next. See more at the  Nest Site.

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