Telluride- A Photographic Tour of a Ski Town in the Summer

Telluride downtown, Colorado Avenue, clouds after the rain

Shift into neutral and enjoy the ride….

We have just returned from a wonderful vacation to Telluride, Colorado. The weather was temperate, a wonderful reprieve from the 100+ degree Texas heat. If you have not been to this charming town, I highly recommend it. It is understated in a way that some of the other ski resort areas are high-octane (I’m not going to name names but you know exactly where I am talking about-). I’m all about low-key. Let me show you Telluride- a photographic tour…

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Pets and Rugs

guilty dog

Our friend Harry over at Addison Dicus offers sage advice for pet owners, should your dog or cat have an accident. Hop on over to see the article, where Harry helps us to protect our fine rug investments. While you are there, take a look at the beautiful rugs!

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Decorative Dogs

Do Hotels know we miss our dogs when traveling? I think so. Some of them cleverly place decorative dogs in the lobby to help us to immediately feel at home while being away.

Crosby Street Hotel , dog statue

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Dogs- In Our Homes and Hearts

 My favorite home accessory- the beloved canine companion….

Dog Sitting at Desk

Properly trained, a man can be dog’s best friend.~CoreyFord [Read more…]

The Indoor Allure of Outdoor Velvets



dog on furniture

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Finally, fabrics that make your outdoor spaces an extension of your indoor style– outdoor velvets.  Not only do they offer a chic seasonal change for outside,  but they provide practical benefits that will make you want to experience the luxury inside as well.  These soft plush velvets are virtually indestructible; they are made of 100% solution died acrylic, fortifying them against the wear of entertaining, kids & pets– making them increasingly popular choices for dens, game rooms, and high usage living areas.  They come with a 3 year warranty against fading and are extremely cleanable- most spills bead up and roll off to the floor. If you would like more information contact us.

PS- If you would like to get your pets their own cool furniture, go to Uttermost. I dare you to not buy something!


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