Linens For Every Room and Occasion

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LINENS: For Every Room and Occasion

“Once you see all the ways embellishment can make linens distinctive and unique, piece to piece, you’ll understand why they’re fast-moving to the forefront of decorative decisions in home decor-”  -Jane Scott Hodges

One of the places I always tell my design savvy friends to shop in New Orleans is Leontine Linens. If you have ever been to the (flagship & only) store, you will know first hand what I speak of when I say it is linen heaven on earth. You can always shop on-line or with your local rep, but first you should pick up a copy of founder Jane Scott Hodges’ FANTASTIC book: Rizzoli’s LINENS: For Every Room and Occasion. The New Orleans girl in me is JUMPING UP and DOWN over how great this book is. This image-rich book is a gorgeous treasure trove of linens back story, advice, pointers, and visuals of design POSSIBILITY with Leontine Linens. Two words come to mind: [Read more…]

Napoleon House – a New Orleans Institution

The Napoleon House, on This week, in Huffington Post I shared my Top 5 Recommendations for Spring and Summer Cocktails. #1 was the Pimms Cup.  If you don’t know the context for this drink choice, I feel that I owe you a quick tour of the Napoleon House, a New Orleans institution:

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New Orleans Food: Galatoires

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In New Orleans, where people live to eat rather than eat to live, nobody doubts the importance of a very special place in which to indulge in food- a place to toast  one’s friends and to celebrate life by breaking bread together. This place is none other than the legendary Galatoires restaurant, family owned for many generations. This front door is where the line begins… [Read more…]

Mix it UP

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Mixing styles requires confidence and skill. Take for example this historical and regional Mix up- BAM! Quite a success. I love how well this works in a design sense. Today I am going to share some design inspiration from designers who know how to keep spaces interesting…. [Read more…]

Tour New Orleans’ Garden District

Grab a Mint Julep and put on your virtual walking shoes because today is the final post of the New Orleans series and we are going to tour the Garden District. As Barbara Barry reminds us that “beauty is in our surroundings”, I write this post to share some of the beautiful details of the neighborhood that I grew up in – for the benefit of friends and readers headed to New Orleans this month. The homes you will see in this post are all in the Garden District, one of the older neighborhoods built between 1832-1900 on the highest ground available in New Orleans.

Garden District Home, New Orleans Houses, historical landmark on www.CourtneyPrice.comAbove is the house I grew up in, one of the earliest examples of Italianate Architecture in [Read more…]

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