Brizo Evening at Sur La Table

Sur La Table store Manhattan

So, this might be a little bit out of sequence. However comma, it is an event worth sharing. It was our second evening in NYC with the Brizo team, and we had just finished a glorious mind expanding day of being educated on the Brizo products- OMG- to think that we designers might’ve thought we had a handle on what was out there in the marketplace. We, the Blogger19, were bonded by our sense of complete awe and respect for the Brizo product line.  So anyway, our day finished up with time to get ready for our event. The event, you ask? “An evening at Sur La Table.” How cool, I thought. “And you all will be cooking your own dinner as taught by Chef Rose, which we have arranged for you-“

Pause. Pause. Pause.

OMG!!!! Really?! I love cooking, I LOVE cool kitchens, we all said/thought…. How thrilling, and how genius of Brizo- what a bonding experience for the Blogger19 and the Brizo team.

Sur La Table private event

The beautiful kitchen of NYC Sur La Table. I was in heaven… If you don’t know me already, I heart professional kitchens that translate to residential.

Private event, Sur la Table

And guess what fixtures this kitchen perfection had? The Brizo Venuto Smart Touch Bar/Prep faucet and the Euro Deck-Mount pot filler. Note to self: if this is the choice of Sur La Table, I think I might order the same for myself. Seriously. And I did.

Brizo Venuto Smart touch

 Brizo Venuto Smart Touch Bar/Prep faucet

Cooking class

Just an example of the attention to detail that awaited us every step of the way on this trip…

Cooking class

A high spirited time was had by the Blogger19 group and Brizo.

Blogger 19 cooking class

Bloggers Kelly Kole of Kandrac & Kole Interior Designs, Lakesha Rose of L Design Group and Pamela Copeman of Pamela Copeman Design Group

Blogger 19 cooking class

Bloggers Denise McGaha of Denise McGaha Interiors and Kelly Kole of Kandrac & Kole Interior Designs

Blogger 19 cooking class

Bloggers Lisa Mende of Lisa Mende Designs Rebecca Reynolds of New Canaan Kitchens Stacy Naquin of Stacy Naquin Interiors

Blogger 19 cooking class

Blogger Jennifer Mehditash of Mehditash Design,  Brizo’s Jai Massela, bloggers Sarah Sarna of Sarah Sarna Interior Design and Lisa Mende  of Lisa Mende Designs

Blogger 19 cooking class, Christy Davis

Blogger Christy Davis of Vining Design Associates

Blogger 19 cooking class, Manvi Drona, Whitney Porter, Sarah Sarna

Bloggers Manvi Drona Hildalgo of Mochantini, Whitney Porter of Ferguson and Sarah Sarna of Sarah Sarna Interior Design

Cabbing in New York

And then they transported us safely back to the hotel… THE.MOST.AMAZING.HOSTS.EVER….

Thank you, Brizo.

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  1. I loved this evening and your photos made me miss everyone. The evening at Sur La Table was one of my favorites ever. This experience was unlike any I have ever had and even more amazing…..the food was delicious. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful photos.


  2. Ditto everything Denise said – great shots as always and made me wish I had eaten the PASTA!

  3. Courtney you take the most amazing shots!!! Love this post!

  4. Julie at Mimosa Lane says

    This is so cool Courtney! What an honor to be chosen, but its obvious why. I can’t wait to check out all the bloggers and the sponsors. Keep up the beautiful work. Cheers, Julie

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