Beautiful Layered Salads Easy to Make

layered salad, Orsay New York, lunch at Orsay

With culinary ring molds, many beautiful meals can be created easier than you might think.  Here is a resource for the rings: . You can turn any kind of salad or meal into a layered presentation.  Here is one of my favorite layered salads, as pictured above:

LAYER 1: Tomato

LAYER 2:  (use a mold for layers 2-4)  Chopped avocado mixed with a little mashed avocado & lemon juice

LAYER 3:  Sliced hearts of palm

LAYER 4:  Crumbled goat cheese, room temp

LAYER 5:   Parmesan crisp tulip bowl (some gourmet grocery stores sell ready made round parmesan crisps if you prefer not to make this part yourself) , lined with sliced chicken, then piled with lightly tossed mixed greens and fresh herbs (mint, tarragon), garnished with carrot slices (peeled as shown), fresh chives.

Dressing for the greens– Whisk or blend champagne vinegar, white truffle oil, egg, salt, pepper.  Plate garnished with garlic aioli. 


  1. That looks beautiful – and delicious!

  2. Maggie Langston says

    I bought molds to make stack salads a few years ago, and have been looking for something fabulous to try with them. I plan to give it a go! Will let you know how it goes.

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