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I amsterdam letters, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Why not begin with the end, since it is so fresh on the brain.  Hard to believe that the trip is over. We were all getting very used to spending so much time together. Modenus  treated us so well that they had to schedule our rides to the airport to make sure we left. If you had seen the hotel, you would understand. We all wanted to move into our incredible rooms and stay in Amsterdam forever. Ready to see photos? I warn you, my posts in the next few days will have a lot of photos, yet only a small representation of the thousands I took. Let’s get started with the adventurous design day in Amsterdam, the final day of BlogTour Cologne sponsored by Modenus. !!!

College Hotel Amsterdam, best hotel Amsterdam

 We arrived by train from Cologne early and went straight to The College Hotel, which Veronika had chosen – a posh little boutique hotel that is one of the coolest places I have ever stayed, located in the center of Amsterdam’s fashion and Museum district. Veronika has great taste.

College Hotel Lobby, Amsterdam hotel

 We were only there to drop off our bags and head straight out to make the most of the short time we had in this lovely city, lead by the lovely Louise of 30sMagazine and representing Meet The Blogger. Most of us had never been to Amsterdam so she gave a group of us a pretour before we came back to join the rest for our infusion of Amsterdam Design. If you ever want a walking design tour of Amsterdam, contact Louise.

College Hotel Lobby, Amsterdam hotel

It was so completely heavenly that for a moment I wondered if perhaps I had been mowed down by a cyclist while stepping back to take a photo…they go fast and it is best not to think of the only ice-free areas (bike paths) as foot worthy for even a second.  They’ll get you.

Amsterdam Bikers

 locals who were kind enough to spend the day shopping with us

Amsterdam bloggers

We were lead by  Louise de Miranda of 30’s Magazine, Patrick of, Desiree  of Vogesparis, and Nienke Zendervan, editor of Eigen Huis and Interieur Magazine on a tour of Amsterdam design hosted by Eigen Huis & Interieur Magazine.

Amsterdam Shopping

Hotel Droog, Kabinet, Frozen Fountain, Vroonland & Vaandrager, Store Without a Home, Sukha, Moooi Amsterdam, and Hutspot

Moooi Amsterdam

 My favorite store was Moooi, above. The Amsterdam Design vibe is edgy, modern & chic.

Amsterdam Canal, Amsterdam bikes, bikes parked


Amsterdam Architecture, historical amsterdam


Amsterdam, equestrian statueThen the Blogger event- Meet the Blogger, where we had drinks & snacks with local bloggers and welcome wifi. Here are more of the bloggers: Iris Havekes, Sabine de Witte,  Ulrike Jurklies, Souraya Hassan,  Sonia van der Swaan, and Wendy -not pictured, sorry. (how did I not get a photo of the professional photographer?!)

Dutch Bloggers, Meet the blogger

We continued our walk through the beautiful streets to dinner, then back to the hotel

Amsterdam Hotel, Amsterdam bar

 for a final nightcap with the entire group.

cocktail, drinks after work, happy hour,

 And then to bed…pure bliss.

Masculine bedroom, the College Hotel

photo credit: The College Hotel


Many thanks to Modenus for a memorable and inspiring trip. You and the sponsors (Mr. SteamMieleBlancoAxor, Du Verre, NKBA) were so good to us. We will always treasure the memories and new friendships.


  1. Courtney and sounds and looks like you had a wonderful time…look forward to reading more posts on your trip!


  2. Such a fun day, you’re right, it’s hard to explain how amazing it was. And I saw you snapping away, I know you have thousands of pictures left to share!

  3. Wauw… What a great post! Can’t wait for the rest. It was nice meeting you and it seems you had a great time at Colone and Amsterdam. We’ll keep in touch. Thanks for the mention and great picture. 😉

    Liefs. Sonia

  4. What a great post about the blogtourCGN and about Amsterdam and our meeting in HUTSPOT ! Nice to see al the beautiful pictures and your enthusiasm about it 🙂

  5. Do I need to even compliment your great pics? Fabulous for sure. We did get lots of walking in. Even with all that eating I didn’t gain anything but knowledge. Sure was a great time!

  6. Gorgeous photos – why am I not surprised? So happy to have met you. Looking forward to more adventures! 😉

  7. Thanks for the mention. Great round up of the day and stunning photos!
    Hope to welcome you again in the Netherlands real soon.

  8. Thanks for letting me join in on your trip through your great photos and captions. I look forward to your continuation with Germany…..

  9. Wow !!! Gorgeous photos ! Is that Brandon on the bicycle ?! Awesomeness.

    You sure captured the city in your photos. We have traveled there many times and LOVE LOVE LOVED it every single time. Aren’t those bikes nutty but great ? It is even so special to see women traveling to work in their skirts and heels on their bikes & baskets.

    Wish I was with all of you….. but you sure captured it in the photographs. I feel like I was right there with you.

    Big hugs !

    Awesome blog post ! xx

  10. Oh my!! what a trip!! Love the photos…and wao did you have a good time!! I look forward to hearing all the deats in person!! xx

  11. Looks like an amazing city with great people! Wish I could have joined you guys.

  12. Incredible pictures. College Hotel looked very inviting. My Europe has always been old world – you are making me see it in a whole different light. Keep it up! George

  13. Hi Courtney,

    Nice to see the pictures of the tour! Unfortunately I was not able to meet you, maybe next time.


  1. […] After spending the day with this energetic group of like minded people, I can honestly say that I feel blessed to have met each and every one of them. I made some new online and offline friends. One of my new friends Courtney made a great write up of the design tour with more stunning photos. Go see it here. […]

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