Accessory Shopping for a Bachelor Pad

Thought I would share a sneak peak of some of the design elements coming together for a bachelor’s reading room:

Bachelor pad decor

Here are results of a recent spree of accessory shopping for a bachelor pad. Accessories are the icing on the cake, so very fun to shop for, because they are what truly brings a room together and defines the look, making the space as unique as the client is.

The petrified wood lamp is even better in person- it is incredible. Very very old, yet updated, rustic and handsome.

We decided to go with a soft silk carpet underfoot. Silk is considerably more expensive than wool, but it gives off a gorgeous sheen and is heavenly underfoot. We went the extra mile and got the best pad available for extra comfort.

The lamp is made from a salvaged piece of an old french wrought iron gate, patinaed and fabulous.  The acrylic base and hand stretched shade give it a fresh update, precisely what i had in mind.

The ammonites- we got a grouping of 3, they are polished and fabulous. People who have a background in the oil business or geology tend to be drawn to these miracles of the earth- they, more than most, appreciate the historical perspective and the events that had to happen for these natural gems to form. How fun for me.

The news stand- this created a lot of excitement for the client, who is very intellectual and reads a lot- this item really makes him feel that this home is tailored to him specifically (that IS the point, right…?).  It will also make the room look more tidy for newspapers and magazines to have a dedicated space rather than to stack up messily. This one feature creates a look of the old gentleman’s clubs, similar to the feel of the Harvard Club (below)- a space fully intended for intellectual use. Wish I had a photo of one of their library rooms to share.

Harvard Club NY

Needless to say, it is all in the details, and the details should appropriately define the client.  I will keep you posted with another sneak peek or two along the way…

Have a great week!



  1. Love the newstand rack!!! insanely good…and the lamp!!

  2. I totally agree, Courtney, it’s all about the details. I love all your accessory selections!!! Can;t wait to see the end result!


  3. Nice accents!

  4. I have to agree with the others on the newstand- very handsome, functional and so creative!

  5. It’s going to be a wonderful room – love the ammonites and the silk rug…gorgeous!! Happy to find and follow your beautiful blog!!

  6. This is gorgeous – all of it! Can’t wait to see more!

  7. Oh man, I’m a heavy reader and have a sizable collection of Roman artifacts. Throw in my fossils,odds and ends from my travels and I end up with a mess. I need you to throw together a library for me because I’m at a total loss when it comes to making my own selections.

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