A Civilized Day of Polo…

Dallas Polo on www.CourtneyPrice.comEverybody has their sport. For some it is shopping, for my husband it is football, others cars… for me: horses. Incorporate beautiful animals, people watching and high-end tailgating for a photography trifecta.  Last weekend a group of us got together for a girls day and headed off to the Prestonwood polo matches. Believe it or not but it was the first fall weather day we had gotten in Dallas, finally, in November. So our timing was perfect to pack up the car for a little outdoor entertaining and a day of girl time. While it is still Year Of The Horse, you get one more photo-journal horse post… Side note: next year is year of the sheep- don’t count on sheep lifestyle posts.

Black and white polo shot on www.CourtneyPrice.comPolo is so fast paced that a camera almost helps one to see split second details that could otherwise be missed.

Polo ponies on www.CourtneyPrice.comFor example, one of the things the players are much more aware of than the spectators is the flexibility of the mallets.  I captured several photos where the mallet appeared to bend around the horse- it was bizarre.

Polo In Color on www.CourtneyPrice.com, Vaughn MillerOne of the great things about polo is how colorful it is. Even the black of this horse is velvety and rich.

Roxy, female Polo player, on www.CourtneyPrice.comPolo is truly considered a “gentleman’s sport”, but above we have Roxy, who was the only female playing in this match… and she was taking names later.

polo on www.CourtneyPrice.com The camaraderie is palpable. Horse and rider seem to totally “get” each other and the teams are so small that it appears that the riders know each other quite well.

Henry S Miller Polo Team on www.CourtneyPrice.comHere we have father and son on the same team, headed right at me. The horses appear to enjoy it every bit as much as their riders. Let’s watch a little polo:

polo  ref on www.CourtneyPrice.com

Polo Pony on www.CourtneyPrice.com

Miller Polo team on www.CourtneyPrice.com

Oak Point Polo Match on www.CourtneyPrice.com

polo players on www.CourtneyPrice.com

Post Polo Match- Hosing Down The Horses on www.CourtneyPrice.com

pole dancer on www.CourtneyPrice.com“She’s like a pole dancer- dumb as dirt but she really performs out on the field” said the owner of this beauty. !!

polo saddles on www.CourtneyPrice.comSo let’s take a look at the lifestyle influences that this sport provides. Luxury brands regularly align their brand identities to this rarefied equestrian world,

providing nods to a lifestyle that inspires consumers to bring equestrian elegance to interiors and wardrobes. For these luxury brands, every year is year of the horse. Equestrian lifestyle= luxury.


Hermes Saddle Hermes Boots on www.CourtneyPrice.com

ht: Michael Ryan for sending me this video

Hermes Sponsor on www.CourtneyPrice.com


Ralph Lauren Equestrian, on www.CourtneyPrice.com

Polo Ralph Lauren on www.CourtneyPrice.com

“I called it Polo because it was a sport that had a sensibility that was sporty and international. It was stylish”  -Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Polo Team on www.CourtneyPrice.comThe sport of polo is undeniably timeless, civilized, classic.

polo equipment on www.CourtneyPrice.comThis casual unloading of the car could almost be a display in a Ralph Lauren store-

Polo Boots on www.CourtneyPrice.comThe polo attire is fantastic…

Polo Inspires Fashion on www.CourtneyPrice.comAs are the Equestrian inspired fashions…. (thank you Ann for the comparison shot)

Ralph Lauren Belt Buckle on www.CourtneyPrice.com (thank you Angela for the belt shot)

Polo Sponsor Marani Vodka, on www.CourtneyPrice.comHave you ever noticed how the polo sponsors are always alcohol related? It’s all about the party.

This Vodka brand is new to me (which means I need to try it)- Marani is California based. Each player from the winning team went home with a bottle and a pitcher.

Roxy Polo Player on www.CourtneyPrice.comAnd here is Roxy, post match, with a well deserved celebratory beverage.  Corona, if you are reading this, you should sponsor Roxy.

Ann Carpenter, Polo Match, on www.CourtneyPrice.comAnn, a stylish spectator, sipping on Veuve.


The luxury entertaining element of polo reminds me of steeplechase days when I lived in DC-  pure elegance. Something about the english saddle sports…

this is not the kind of display one would encounter at a rodeo.

Veuve On Ice, on www.CourtneyPrice.comBubbles are an appropriate polo watching libation.

Tailgating Food: Cheese Assortment on www.CourtneyPrice.comAn assortment of cheeses, baguettes, fig jam, interesting mustards-  always nice – all can be acquired on the way to the match at a place like Molto Formaggio in Dallas.

A stop by the cheese shop on www.CourtneyPrice.comGOOD cheeses…

Tailgatea charcuterie assortment…  bite sized snacking food seems to be the key.

Polo Match Bites on www.CourtneyPrice.comMore on tailgating next time…

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If you are into entertaining, come see the recently updated Traditional Home issue with more of my photography from the fun Traditional Home/Thermador event we attended- also my double feature entertaining article while you are there!

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