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Today we will review a cool little gadget, the ZOMM, which is a wireless leash (for you people who lose your keys, gadgets, etc…) and safety device. 

This interesting little device was originally conceived to be a key finder, but serves a lot of purposes…

1) Wireless Leash — with this device, you drastically reduce the likelihood of ever losing the object of your phone or your keys- which will pair via bluetooth. But you could also pair it with a bluetooth enabled tablet or computer if you have separation anxiety from them. Pretty interesting, huh? Multiple possibilities with this. So if I have the ZOMM paired with my iPhone, for example, and I walk out of a restaurant, leaving the phone behind on the table, the ZOMM device will go off loudly, letting me know the minute I have stepped out of a 30 ft range from the phone.

2) Hands Free Speaker for your bluetooth compatible phone with noise canceling microphone technology.

3) Safety Device- the Zomm serves as loud shrieking panic button if the button is held for 6 seconds, quite a deterrent. To take it to the next level, if the button is held down for 9 seconds, the Zomm will become an emergency dialing device -calling 911 or other emergency # that you programmed into the settings.  Given that your phone is within range, you will have the ability to communicate with 911 or your designated preset contact via the fob speaker. When you set the device up initially, you program the functions that you want, the emergency numbers. The emergency number could be that of a doctor, relative, or 911, whatever you want.  * This feature makes ZOMM competitive with Life Alert Services for the elderly, if used for this purpose it can be worn around the neck or clipped to a belt loop, and must be within range of paired phone.

Zomm Fob - see review on www.CourtneyPrice.com

This was designed to be a key fob, but if you think about it, the uses are endless. You could clip this device to your purse or briefcase, or pair it with a laptop or one of the newer tablets for use in the wireless leash mode. If I had a dollar for every story I have heard about iPads that were stolen at the gym, or phones lost while traveling, I could buy all of you a ZOMM.  The device charges by USB or wall charger and has a battery life of several weeks.

ZOMM Safe Driving  Kit- see review on www.CourtneyPrice.com

Safe Driving Kit

This upgraded set includes a car charger, visor clip to hold the fob for  it to become speaker for your hands free phone calls, wall charger, and quick release key chain.

BOTTOM LINE REVIEW: This little device has a lot of things going for it that will appeal to many different types of users:  If you tend to lose your keys, mobile phone or tablet, this is your answer. As a safety device key chain, amazing- the shrill noise that this thing makes would run any criminal off, and if it doesn’t – 911 will be on the way in no time. For aging in place scenarios that include the elderly or fall risks, a complete safety home run.  Not my first choice for speaker phone, I will say… having tested this feature out, the volume is OK but not terrific, so this will not be the speaker of choice for everyday calls but perfect for emergency. Still a fantastic safety feature, and incredible that it is embedded into this tiny device. Buy your ZOMM here, or link here to see more info or ask detailed technical questions on the ZOMM site

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  1. Love it! Gotta get one of these. Super find.

  2. great review! What an interesting product. I didn’t know I need this…but I think it sounds ideal.

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