White and Wooly

Modern Luxury Interiors on www.CourtneyPrice.com Are you loving the white wooly design trend? I am seeing fluffy white everywhere lately and I actually do love the instant update it brings to a room.  The above room is featured in the latest issue of Modern Luxury Interiors, which is awesome btw if you have not seen it yet.  This fabulous “room” is the Baxter booth at Maison et Objet. And that chesterfield white sofa… it is tromp l’oeil (!) I want to crawl through my computer screen into that space right now. What a room.

Dering Hall Wooly Chair on www.CourtneyPrice.com

Despite the obvious creative genius behind the details of the above room, the chairs caught my eye because I had just eyeballed this similar chair at Dering Hall.

white fluffy throw, design by Kevin Speaman on www.CourtneyPrice.com

White fluff as a throw: Very effective as an accent, it beautifully ties together the whole look in this well designed room. Design by Kevin Speaman , photography by Tria Giovan and Phoebe Rourke-Gohabriel as featured in Modern Luxury Interiors.

Fluffy ottoman on www.CourtneyPrice.com

Again from Modern Luxury Interiors, a Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams ottoman.

So now you see what I am reading this morning, and what is catching my eye. Inspiration of the day.


  1. This is a trend to use in small doses for me, actually two small doses: my two white fluffy cats can now be called interior trends – though I’m still not letting them on the furniture. 🙂

    • Well, it isn’t for everyone. The head of security around the Price household happens to be a gorgeous white fluffy accessory.

  2. Love this, but I was always wondering if they have to kill the (sheep, lamb?) to get the skins?

  3. I like the throws, but the idea of sitting in a hairy chair gives me the heebie-jeebies. Wonder how it works with dark clothing? I had a white cat years ago and I will still (on occasion) find evidence to his existence to this day.

    • Good point about the chairs, not sure how that works. It’s a shame that I wear so much black and own a white dog that sheds… if I had that chair she would claim it.


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