What’s In the Bag….

Louboutin Bag, Louboutin tote

A quick story to start your weekend. When I was in Germany earlier this year, I was chatting one evening after dinner with Paul Anater and Alexandra Williams, both well known in the social media world, and the subject turned to me and where I was from, Dallas. The instant assumption was that I knew Bob Borson of Life of An Architect, because HE is from Dallas. I did not. Bob could probably hear the (LOUD) disgusted reactions of Paul and Alexandra, all the way from Germany to Dallas … it was that bad. So when I got back, I looked up and discovered his hilarious blog. At that point I retroactively understood the fuss in Germany. Shortly thereafter I met him at a Sub-Zero and Wolf grand opening – and told him how famous he was worldwide. Which…. he obviously KNOWs since he reads the comments on his blog. Anyway, he did this post about what was in An Architect’s Bag (his), which was a runaway sensation that lead to A Drywall Contractor’s Bag (Bucket), and An Architect’s Bag 002, and now An Interior Designer’s Bag– that would be my bag….  

 If you have ever held my bag for a moment (some of you have, like maybe so I could take a picture), then you may have asked what the #$% is in this bag (?!!). To find out you will have to hop on over to one of the funniest blogs on the planet, Life Of An Architect, to see the contents of my Interior Design Bag. Check it out, and dig a little deeper into this mega popular site if you are good for a side-splitting laugh. Consider that a warning.  A warning to not take a huge swig of water/coffee/tea/cocktail before your eyes hit words that make your brain say: he did not really just say THAT, did he…yes, he did…because you may well choke on your laughter or whatever you just swigged. Fact. Experience.

Feel free to skip abs at the gym today because this blog is beyond laugh out loud funny while being quite educational. Enjoy~


  1. Girl! I love your bag, I loved the post and I have a lot of the same things in mine…I knew you must be a notebook girl too. Thanks for introducing me to Life Of an Architect!!!

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