What We Notice

When I take my dog Blizzard walking, we have two such very different perspectives of the beauty that surrounds us. Here is what I notice:

walking around dallas

Here is what Blizzard notices:

dog hunts squirrels , stalking dog

Speaking of DOUBLE DOUBLE…. you will notice if you do an internet search for double double that Harry Chittenden of Addison Dicus is the FIRST image that pops up:

Harry Chittenden

Many of us in the interior design and social media worlds know Harry for the beautiful rugs he sells, his new virtual rug shopping tool, and his warm outgoing personality… but I think Harry has some splainin’ to do here. Anything you want to tell us? How does a double double poster child like you stay so thin? Just sayin’.

all images my own (except google capture)


  1. LOL! I LOVE IT!

  2. Love this!!! Time for Harry to ‘fess up!

  3. you are so funny!!! love it!

  4. That’s just odd!
    Thank you for calling this to everyone’s attention, Courtney.
    Irony. Here is a little fame with burgers when all my life I’ve thought mostly of buns!

  5. It’s so true, we do have such different perspectives. And we often forget that. Thanks for pointing it out, and for this fun post!

  6. Thanks for sharing the beauty that surrounds you; what a beautiful walk you have! And loved that you included Blizzard in the post!


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