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Traditional-Homes-Great-Kitchens Contributors www.CourtneyPrice.comHonored to be a contributor to the latest Traditional Home Great Kitchens issue, where I share TWO inspired table settings by stylish¬†Texan Jolie Berndt. See how she entertains and you’ll understand why she is in demand to plan parties internationally. ¬†Head over to Traditional Home to check out the incredible kitchens, food and entertaining~


  1. Wonderful job, Courtney! I knew it was you–the minute I saw “deliciously talented blogger & designer”!!

  2. Congratulations Courtney – This is so awesome!!

  3. Millicent Mason says

    I am soo proud of u dear. I rushed right out and bought
    that magazine. You are so very talented.
    thanks for sharing.
    Love, Millicent

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