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Jolie Berndt is legendary for her creative and high-spirited parties. The love and thoughtful attention to detail that go into the planning are palpable. Everybody feels like the guest of honor at a Berndt party- the vibe is upbeat and there is usually a surprise injection of humor somewhere along the way. The food and drink are as flawless as the execution of her parties, leaving guests discussing her events long after they have ended. Jolie will modestly admit that she grew up in a family that entertained often, and believe me when I say she got the hostess gene in spades. As a child, she watched her mother throw seated dinners for 200 without batting an eyelash, always setting elegant tables. Jolie and her sisters Jenifer Gutmann and Judy Barnes carry forward their mother’s creative hospitality, joining forces in their company Central Productions to create themes, design clever invitations, share dishes, and make that next party as uniques and fun as the last. These ladies are a force of talent, style and fun.  Today Jolie is sharing entertaining tips you won’t want to miss: 

Jolie Berndt’s Tips On Entertaining:

Top 10 Entertaining Tips on

1) You don’t have to spend a lot. You can get napkins at Tuesday Morning, Pier 1, Pottery Barn, any number of places. Buy things on sale, after season, to be party ready for the next season

Top 10 Entertaining Tips on

2) When you travel to other regions with different cultural influences, be on the lookout for items to bring back for a future party. Shop in the local markets when you travel. Think party.

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3) Look around your home with a creative eye. The things that you accessorize mantels and tables with could well factor into a table top design for a dinner party.

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4) Mix and match what you have into different themes, with a little creativity, you might surprise yourself with the themes you can come up with.

Top 10 Entertaining Tips on

5) Keep flowers simple. Mix and match colors

Top 10 Entertaining Tips on

6) Don’t make the floral arrangements too structured, go a little more whimsical

Top 10 Entertaining Tips on

7) Always be aware of the height of your flower arrangements, keep them low enough for your guests to be able to see and talk to each other

Top Ten Entertaining Tips on

8) Go with seasonal flowers, and flowers from your back yard

Top 10 Entertaining Tips on

9) the table top theme should compliment the menu- and the flowers should compliment the food being served as well

Top 10 Entertaining Tips on

10) Music, lighting, and a great drink are most important. And a guest list of fun people who like each other.

note: all images in this post are of Jolie’s tables for various parties.

Entertaining is an art form. Not everybody has the vision. But that’s OK. Sometimes we are wise to delegate these things to the pros. Jolie and her sisters join creative forces to execute serious parties, no detail left to chance – from themes to the most creative invitations you have ever seen- to dish details, entertainment, menus, party favors, and the minute details most people would not even know to dream of… they are the dream team. Hand the reigns over to Central Productions to make your next event unique and extraordinary:  210-828-6097

Most talented TX hostess:  Jolie Berndt of Central Productions- High-End Party Strategy and Execution, See Top 10 Entertaining Tips on

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