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You may recall Clair Tompkins and Julie Lloyd, the talented duo of Tompkins Lloyd Interiors, from my Huffington Post piece earlier this year. Recently I sat down with these two stylish designers for an interview about their interior design work. If you have seen their work you will be all eyes and ears as to what inspires them.  The projects of Tompkins Lloyd Interiors are interwoven with mystery, discovery and contradiction- as you walk through any home that they have designed, you might find yourself stopping to slowly take in and deconstruct the room in which you stand. Their design vibe is reflective of their upbeat panache – their willingness to take risks is a refreshing rebellion against convention. The best way I can describe their look is to compare it to Lenny Kravitz’s design. I mean that as high praise. Their look is always fresh, inspired, and promises to surprise in some unexpected way…

Parsons educated Julie Lloyd began her career working with Wilson Associates and Marguerite Green before establishing J.Miller Designs in 1988. Known for her sophisticated blend of fine antiques with contemporary styles, Texas born Lloyd has lived in London, Paris, and Florence, honing her decorative arts expertise. With an eye for quality and detail, Lloyd brings creative edge and timeless design to high-end worldwide clientele.

In complimentary contrast, Clair Tompkins brings an edgy contemporary feel to her interiors through the mixture of clean line modern minimalism and a sense of eclectic luxury that incorporates mixed metals, natural materials and neutral color palettes. A former fashion designer, Tompkins is influenced by classic modern and vintage design juxtaposed with a refined fresh tone and unexpected elements. She also has an eye for timeless vintage pieces that make her projects feel chic and current.

By merging their two design aesthetics Tompkins Lloyd seamlessly integrates rich modern luxury and chic traditionalism into their interiors. Put on your seatbelt and prepare yourself for a fun interview; these two have never been accused of being boring-

Tompkins Lloyd Design Interview on

Million Dollar Question:

What should your clients know?

This soundbite is so awesome that it deserves its own airtime. I predict this one will go viral, as it is sure to resonate with professionals well beyond the design world. Well said, Julie and Clair!

What-your-client-should-know on

Let’s continue getting to know them,

 On a more personal note…

Tompkins Lloyd Interview on


These two are awesome. See their design work on their site here.


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