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I hope everybody (US readers) is enjoying a glorious three-day weekend. If you have had your fill of sleeping in and playing in the fall leaves, allow me to recommend a good read, loaded with visual inspiration and design pointers that range from practical to luxurious:

Barbara Sallick, co-founder of Waterworks, blogger and life-long design devotee explores the process of designing a dream bathroom in great detail alongside beautiful images in her latest book The Perfect Bath.  Sallick, who has been hailed as the “grand dame of bathroom design,” stresses that today’s bath is an expression of personal style whether you call it your sanctuary, retreat, oasis, or spa.

Elevating the bath’s purpose…

The bath is no longer an afterthought – Sallick walks the reader through a myriad of details and considerations, with encouragement to indulge in extravagant fantasy as you thoughtfully design the perfect bath. Why not dream big while considering the measures of what makes the perfect bath. She inspires with images, challenges with soul-searching questions, offers decades of experience, as well as the perspectives of seven architects and designers regarding how the bath relates to the larger context of the home.

the-perfect-bath-5The bath as a font of relaxation, reflection, and restoration…

The most challenging room in a home to design.


Unlike every other room in a house, which has multiple uses and functions, the bath is the only space in your home that is all about you—a highly personalized domain that, in addition to being part of life’s daily routine, serves as a private retreat. Sallick defines the perfect bath as a bath that is perfect for you. She helps YOU to arrive at what that means with the help of 150 gorgeous color photographs throughout her 256 page book, loaded with advice, checklists, resources, and thoughtful considerations.

Every detail should look and feel like a deliberate choice. -Barbara Sallick


She suggests that perhaps no room in the house requires as much planning as the bath, offering a checklist of all of the questions you should ask yourself about functionality, plumbing infrastructure, lighting, comfort factors, and storage. In another chapter, she creates the blank canvas for the room covering color, materials, surfaces, as well as balance, scale, and proportion. Sallick rounds out The Perfect Bath with a step-by-step guide to put all of this new-found knowledge to good use. Creating the perfect bath is one of the most important aspects of a renovation or new home construction. The Perfect Bath is sure to not only be a visual oasis for readers, but will also become an essential, lasting resource of inspiration for homeowners, designers, anyone who is considering a remodel, and design enthusiasts.


“If I have any advice, it’s to focus on quality above all else. Once the bells and whistles fade, the integrity of the parts and the care with which they are assembled is what will last.” -Peter Sallick


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Barbara Sallick cofounded Waterworks—the premier luxury kitchen and bath brand—in 1978, and serves as the company’s senior vice president of design and spokesperson. She is the author of the popular blog The Perfect Bath, as well as the books Waterworks: Inventing Bath Style and The Definitive Guide to Designing the Perfect Bath.


THE PERFECT BATH By Barbara Sallick

Rizzoli New York Hardcover with jacket / 9” x 11” / 256 pages / 150 color photographs

ISBN: 978-0-8478-4893-5 PRICE: $55.00 US / $75.00 CAN. / £35.00 UK

© The Perfect Bath by Barbara Sallick, Rizzoli New York, 2016. Select press images are available and are to be credited on a case-by-case basis, but no images may be used, in print or electronically, without written consent from the publisher.

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