The Illusion of Marble

Believe it or not but these gorgeous mantels are made of plaster, not marble. Thanks to the incredible talent of the artist who painted the faux marble, thousands of dollars were saved in creating this high-end look.  The illusion of marble is so convincing that the eye would not even doubt the “marble” of these mantels.

faux marble mantel, plaster mantels that look like marble


plaster that looks like marble, mantel detail marble finish

The man who did these mantels is the master of faux painting, truly amazing. He has done some impressive high end paint finish work for me.

mantel detail marble finish, plaster mantel, faux marble mantel, save money on mantel Definitely something to consider if you are remodeling or building a new home. If you have any design questions you would like for us to address, always feel free to contact us.



  1. That’s amazing! They really do look like marble!

  2. Wow! awesome work! fab finish!

  3. It’s almost impossible to tell it’s not marble – at a fraction of the cost. You have fabulous resources!

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