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How do you get your morning news? See the latest news tech on www.CourtneyPrice.comThe Fall of Traditional News Sources:

Yesterday a new app named Periscope was released, as a threatening rival to Meerkat– offering a super clean and easy to use interface. Recent advances are empowering smart phone users with more reach, information and instant gratification than ever. Let’s take a look at what’s happening with your news:

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Because smart conversation is chic:  If you haven’t heard about this one, you are missing out.  First thing in the morning, an email from the Skimm appears in your inbox with the news delivered in a concentrated, digestible manner, with catchy headlines designed for the modern-day generation. News is actually enjoyable rather than depressing. It is quick and to the point, referencing sources for those who want to link to more information. If you want a quick overview of the morning news, consider this your daily intellectual vitamin to keep you current and in the know.

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The Rise of the Citizen Reporter:

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Meerkat, the new twitter live streaming app, took off a few weeks ago as one of the big surprise hits of SXSW, gaining immediate popularity, almost as a backfire to Twitter’s attempt to shut it down during SXSW. Meerkat stole the show anyway.  Yesterday, Periscope was introduced– with a similar platform, with a few additional features like the ability to save recorded streams for replay (Meerkat is live stream only) and the ability to “like” videos. So now we see Twitter-owned  Periscope duking it out with Meerkat to gain a foothold. Anyone with a smart phone has the tools for live reporting to the masses- with 2-way communications. Why wait for the 5:00 news when a live video stream can ping your phone? This technology is a game changer that will be interesting to follow. It is speculated that the two Periscope founders made in the neighborhood of $100m from the sale to Twitter. Meanwhile, Meerkat just got $14m in VC funding yesterday, so expect to see the continuation of an interesting rivalry. Live streaming may seem crazy now, but it will be the norm before you know it – for personal use, advertising, and brands.

 The only thing I will say about this one is that it could be an interruption overload –  you will definitely want to manage the notification settings…

Also: watch your data usage…

Explore Periscope here, and if you join, let’s follow each other.

While you are at it, look for Periscope TV, which just launched today, so you can watch all the best periscopes.

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