The Illusion of Marble

Believe it or not but these gorgeous mantels are made of plaster, not marble. Thanks to the incredible talent of the artist who painted the faux marble, thousands of dollars were saved in creating this high-end look.  The illusion of marble is so convincing that the eye would not even doubt the “marble” of these mantels.

faux marble mantel, plaster mantels that look like marble


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Remodeling Trend: Glass Tiles

Glass is making it’s mark in remodeling trends, in kitchens and especially in bathrooms. Glass tiles for shower walls, back-splashes and accent tiles in flooring add a noticeable sparkle, color and depth not found in stone or ceramic tiles. The choices are getting more sophisticated too.

glass tiles blue green glass tile mosaic

The above glass tile mosaics are gorgeous, aren’t they?

gold leaf glass tiles

The above tiles are reflective gold leaf with slight patina.

mirrored metallic leafed tiles

These mirrored glass tiles are available in platinum, white gold or rose gold leafing…

obsidian tiles

 The handsome tiles above are made of obsidian, volcanic glass.

Which ones do you like? Do these inspire you?

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