Google Offices

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I was lucky enough to find myself in the innovative Google offices last week while in New York, and they are beyond amazing. So cool that I took a few pictures of the must-see public areas to share with you. I will share interesting factoids here and there, but otherwise, this will be a visual tour.  Google has created a workspace revolution with a creativity level that is off the charts. They own this entire building, so they can do whatever they want with the space, making it unlike any other work environment you will ever encounter. [Read more…]

Biz Stone: on Being An Entrepreneur

Biz Stone

Photo Credit: Reuters, Adam Hunger

” I think an artist and an entrepreneur are the same thing…you have to be willing to go out on a limb. If not, your creativity is going to be mediocre.” -Biz Stone

…says internet entrepreneur, who went on to work for Google, before cofounding Twitter. He would know. 

Google’s Nexus 7 Event

Google event, google tablet, Nexus 7, best tablet, Google Bloggers

The best holiday party invite ever? The one I got from GOOGLE to their event on Friday night.  What an honor to be invited, with [Read more…]

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