Biz Stone: on Being An Entrepreneur

Biz Stone

Photo Credit: Reuters, Adam Hunger

” I think an artist and an entrepreneur are the same thing…you have to be willing to go out on a limb. If not, your creativity is going to be mediocre.” -Biz Stone

…says internet entrepreneur, who went on to work for Google, before cofounding Twitter. He would know. 

Inspired By: David Crismon

David Crimson, Art, contemporary Art, Craighead Green, Dallas Art Gallery

Here is what I love about the works of David Crismon.  He takes a traditional art concept and turns it right on its head, splicing and modifying and repiecing the image into a large contemporary piece of Pop Art that commands the room in which it hangs. When you see these works in person you will see the depth and presence that the works evoke. Crismon refers to it as “Dislocated Histories”…  I admire his talent and skill as he honors history while giving it an updated place in our contemporary interiors, keeping us artfully in the now: [Read more…]