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Today we are going to hop in a cab and head over to the St Regis Hotel in New York. It is simply divine.  I will show you a few suites so we can get a sense of the outstanding interior design range within the hotel – beyond the beauty of the standard rooms. The design work is elegant, technologically modern and luxurious.  The design firm HDC oversaw the renovation and redesign of all hotel interiors in 2013, from guestrooms to suites to public spaces. They hit it over the fence. Are you ready for a quick tour?

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Creating an aesthetic based on a “timeless is modern” philosophy, HDC embraced the design legacy of the hotel while infusing contemporary style, cultivating a thoroughly residential sensibility throughout. This fresh and sophisticated approach has married original design elements, such as the crystal Waterford chandeliers and elegant crown moldings, with beautiful, large-format photographic artwork, vibrant-hued fabrics and stunning beveled mirrors.

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Every guest of The St. Regis New York enjoys the following complimentary amenities:

Signature St. Regis Butler Service, available 24 hours a day

Pressing of up to two items of clothing per guest upon arrival

Tea or coffee served by a St. Regis Butler in guestroom upon arrival & following daily wake-up call

Fresh fruit amenity upon arrival

Bottled water replenished daily

Unlimited use of St. Regis Athletic Club

Use of the custom Bentley Mulsanne Courtesy Car (subject to availability)

Sounds good to me.

Let’s head up to view a few of the suites, by way of the famous staircase.

Million Dollar Staircase - at St Regis Hotel NYC on

Million-Dollar Staircase

 In 1904, John Jacob Astor IV built and furnished this hotel for approximately $5.5million. Of that, $1million went toward building this gorgeous marble staircase.

The Royal Suite, St Regis Hotel NYC on

The Royal Suite embodies the perfect mix of European style and American spirit, featuring a rich color palette, gilded moldings, exotic prints and an eclectic art collection. The suite consists of one to three bedrooms, up to two living rooms, one study, two parlor bathrooms, one to four full bathrooms, a dining room to seat ten, and full kitchen facilities.

Imperial Suite, St Regis Hotel NYC on

 Dining Room of the Royal Suite

Imperial Suite, St Regis Hotel NYC on

The dramatic Imperial Suite features European Chinoiserie and East Asian furnishings set against alluring red tones with crystal accents.

Imperial Suite Detail, St Regis Hotel NYC on

 Chinoiserie detail. ahhhh. No expense spared.

Imperial Suite, St Regis Hotel NYC on

You know those incredible oval windows you see when you look up high at the exterior of this building? (or from across the street at the Peninsula Rooftop …) Here they are- custom windows, with large window seats. Reason alone to never leave this suite.  The views of 5th Avenue and Central Park are unreal.

Imperial Suite, St Regis Hotel NYC on

 Window and window seat are bigger than they look…

The Tiffany Suite, St Regis Hotel NYC on

Designed in conjunction with Design Director Emeritus of Tiffany & Co. with John Loring, The Tiffany Suite features a serene and sophisticated range of subtle neutral colors including whites, beiges, charcoal grey and silver, with the signature Tiffany blue as an accent color throughout the space.

Most, if not all of these suites are designed to expand to accommodate the need for more bedrooms.

In room bar carts at St Regis Hotel NYC on

 Speaking of accommodating, check out these fabulous bar carts in the rooms. Stylish!

St Regis Hotel NYC on

And signature St Regis Louis desks in the rooms.  This is my kind of place- you could get some work done while staying here. Stylishly get some work done.

St Regis Hotel NYC on

Additionally, every bathroom throughout the hotel has been renovated, refurbished, and updated to create a spa-like atmosphere paired with the latest technology.

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Guestroom floors feature chic, black-lacquer painted doors, textured fabric walls and five distinct color palettes in the entryway on each floor.  I love the residential touch of the doorbell and the newspaper bag hook. Refined.

So let’s go back down to the lobby, to one of my all time favorite rooms.

Thornwillow Library at St Regis Hotel NYC on

 This gorgeous room is now what the St Regis calls an “Invisible Store”.

The store is The Thornwillow Library.

This unexpected boutique is the city’s best kept secret and a welcome change from the traditional shopping experience. Designed with comfortable reading chairs, writing desks and antique paneled cases, visitors will be drawn in by the warm and intimate atmosphere. Guests are attended to by the Thornwillow Librarian and encouraged to linger, enjoy a cup of tea, an espresso or fine whiskey while surrounded by a unique selection of beautifully designed, one of kind items, all handmade in Thornwillow’s artisanal studios. Thornwillow at The St. Regis also features a Stationery Bar where guests are able to mix and match Thornwillow note cards, journals and other items, selecting various motifs and colors, creating a bespoke set of stationery.  I fell in love with the “When Hell Freezes Over” stationery, on beautiful card stock with a clever little ice skating devil gliding across the top. Classic!

and now, onward to

The King Cole Bar

King Cole Bar, The Bar at St Regis NY, inventor of the Bloody Mary- on

Maxfield Parrish, a celebrated artist and illustrator of his time, was hesitant to take a commission for a painting in a bar due to his strict Quaker upbringing. Determined to have his mural, Astor offered Parrish the “kingly” sum of $5,000.00 for the mural. Parrish agreed to accept the commission for that large price only if he could be given complete creative control over the mural. Astor agreed, *BUT* said that for the price he is paying, his face should be the face of King Cole. Parrish ultimately got the last laugh when he imbedded the famous joke in the King Cole Mural. This joke can only be learned by coaxing it out of one of the bartenders at the King Cole Bar.

…it is funny.

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  1. Courtney thanks for sharing this gorgeous hotel! I love every room, and such exquisite design.


  2. Love the staircase!!! It was worth the $1 million:) xoxo, K

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