Social Media Algorithm Updates

social media algorithm changes

Keeping current with the latest Social Media ALGORITHM updates, in case you are wondering why your social media feeds are different than they used to be. Whether your use of social media is personal or professional,  this is news you can use to better understand the platforms:


The most popular in the USA and Spain, accounting for 15% of total social media usage in these countries in 2018.

Latest algorithm update prioritizes popularity, relevancy, relationship- to show the best content to the most people.



Continues to be the fastest growing social media network, with around 527 million increase in users over the last 2 years, followed closely by Instagram and WhatsApp at 400 million. As of January 2018 Facebook had 2.2 BILLION monthly active users.

Latest algorithm update amplifies emphasis on posts from friends and family to provide meaningful interactions in news feed.



Twitter has 330 million active users- interestingly, 79% of all twitter accounts are based outside of the US. Having said that, there are 67 million twitter users in the US.

Latest algorithm update ranks tweets by time posted and relevance to user- to keep content current and relevant.



81% of the 175 million active monthly users are women, and 67% of pinners are under 40 years old.

Latest algorithm update focusses on your previous interactions, to give you more of what you like.


Linked In:

While Linked In boasts 500 million users, only half are monthly active users.

Latest algorithm update weights content by engagement and connection strength- to highlight strong business content


All user data mentioned above is as of January 2018.

In other news…

Facebook confirmed that it reviews your private messages. But that doesn’t come as a shock, does it?

Google announced that they will be indexing mobile 1st. Also not a surprise because 91% of all social media users are using their mobile phones, tablets, and smart devices to access social media channels.

Today’s customers expect the same experience from your business that they do from Amazon, which means that social media should be taken very seriously. Brands need to be thoughtful about the story they tell, which goes beyond planned content. Missteps can have long-standing consequences. If you need help to build your an online community and amplify your message, contact

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