Ski House Design- the Mountain Modern Trend

Ski House Trend- Mountain Modern on

Mountain Modern- The new buzzy term that signifies the aesthetic transition to high-tech and updated “rustic”.

Because technology has freed today’s entrepreneurs to be able to work from anywhere, professionals are trading their cubicle view for mountain views. This mobile mindset makes economic sense, and we see people opting to spend more time in their second homes.  With this in mind, home buyers are expecting more of  properties – and are willing to pay more for a place that they will use more. We see ski homes losing some of their rustic structural elements and decor for updates to accommodate more than a brief unplugged getaway; second homes become primary homes, “luxe lodges”, in this paradigm shift.  The stores,design studios and properties of Telluride, Colorado reflect where this trend is headed… let’s take a look.

Ski House Trend- Mountain Modern on

Home owners no longer relish the idea of “roughing it” in a disconnected or outdated place.

Buyers expect the luxury elements of quality construction, such as “in-floor radiant” heat, and prewired  homes for more sophisticated technologies, great views, nicer kitchens and baths, direct ski in/ski out access, flex rooms for use as office, media room or playroom. Demand for amenities is on the rise as well, such as exercise facilities, pool, shared great rooms on property for entertaining, valet and concierge services, great restaurants nearby. Buyers are seeking luxuries that cater to business and family use, opening the possibility to spend more time in these locations.  Wise developers are building with that in mind.

Ski House Trend- Mountain Modern on

Why  settle for a cube view when you can have a majestic mountain view?

Better windows, floors and Doors… Villas at Cortina as seen on

Not your average ski house— updated rustic, chic. Better quality floors, windows and doors make all the difference. Villas at Cortina pictured above, Tellluride.

Ski House Trend- Mountain Modern on

Ikats and exotic influences are bringing color, pattern and a metropolitan touch to ski home decor. Contemporary zen lends a more international rustic vibe. Accessories are a great way to seasonally shift a look.

Antlers, Ski House Trend- Mountain Modern on

 Traditional western antler and ski decor continue to play into ski house design… a nod to the nature that surrounds. These classics mix well with the more contemporary additions. Leather upholstery is still going strong, as it wears well and endures the seasons.  The furniture trends are shifting away from traditional rounded arm seating to more contemporary styles in leather.

Telluride Art, Ski House Trend- Mountain Modern on

Art- pop of style, pop of color. Contemporary pieces are replacing the traditional western themed artwork. The galleries are full of color to add a pop to the neutral palettes. The pop of hip, contemporary art parallels the strength of the real estate market. It is a great look. If you are not taking in the landscape, the eye-catching local art is something to behold.

Telluride Rugs, Ski House Trend- Mountain Modern on

Rugs are clearly heading toward a more contemporary feel- light and neutral, the emergence of contemporary patterned rugs, solid silk-like wools, or muted intricate patterns that look solid from afar. Tribal patterns remain popular.

“What’s been hot here in Telluride this season with our clients has been the  contemporary Tribal rugs with lots of geometric patterning.  The popular colors this season have been the chocolates and caramels along with natural understated earth tones…”  -Scott Shifrin, Azadi Fine Rugs

Villas-at-Cortina,Ski House Trend- Mountain Modern on
Floors- Lots of wood floors, we are seeing the emergence of refurbished floors by environmentally conscious developers.
Photo courtesy of Villas At Cortina
As people are able to work from anywhere with greater ease, we are seeing the new luxury properties incorporate updates to accommodate extended stays with family and business needs.
The Villas at Cortina property embraces the ideology of Mountain Modern with just the right mix of rustic and clean lines and no shortage of luxury features.
These units are designed for the discerning buyer who expects the quality and of a primary residence. People want to feel more at home and less on vacation. Here are some of the features that are modernizing the properties:
Floors:  Above we see the rustic in the reclaimed flooring, with in-floor radiant heat (for both interior and on patios for snow melt). See control below.
Walls: smooth wall texture instead of heavy trowelling. Thank goodness. This is an update that should happen everywhere. Heavy texture is OUT. Not to mention, a construction cop-out.
Molding/Cabinets: The modern comes in with the white-painted base and case, white-painted kitchen cabinets (vs. stained which used to be the standard in kitchens)
Beams: clean box beams instead of antique craggy beams
Surfaces: Carrera, black honed granite, glass, and shingle metal wrapped fireplaces in the masters.
High-end Kitchen & Bath details:  Wolf, SubZero, Asko, Rohl, Waterworks, etc.
Amenities: exercise facilities, pool, shared great rooms on property for entertaining,  valet and concierge services
Technology: prewired homes for tablet/phone controlled audio/video
Ski Access: ski in/ski out
Floor plans: more open with flex rooms for use as office, media room, playroom. open kitchen/den areas. multiple balconies with radiant heat flooring.
These places are beautifully appointed for those who expect updated luxury… want to see more of them?
Ski House Trends. Villas Cortina High End living on
Villas at Cortina Bedroom
Villas At Cortina
Villas at Cortina VIEWS!! on

See more about Villas At Cortina in Telluride

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  2. Love this post Courtney! Great tips to modernize those rustic mountain home without compromising the outdoor influence we all are drawn to!


    • Thanks Donna, rustic mountain decor was due for updates… these concepts make those homes more perennial now…

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