Signs of Spring

orchidLast week I had the pleasure of an extra couple of days in Los Angeles after the Design Bloggers Conference. It was uplifting to notice the signs of spring….my favorite season.


All about renewal and new beginnings. And gorgeous colors.


I think lemons get a bad wrap. If lemon trees could survive in Dallas I’d let life deal me lemons all year round. How beautiful is this~


 And this, a reminder via the camera lens that there might be more than one way to see a situation… to be mindful of perspective and considerate of viewpoints.

Have a lovely weekend,



  1. I need a lemon tree!! or an orange one! not picky. beautiful photos!

  2. http://shelley says

    I ordered a lemon tree just last week after seeing pal’s Meyer lemon tree abundant with lemons. And here in New England of all places. Hint. Keep indoors in sunny window, mist regularly and place outdoors in summer.

    Am giving it a go. Suggest you order yourself one, too!

  3. You are getting really good with that camera.
    Nice work!

  4. Now I want a lemon tree too! I also saw one in a nursery here in Boston…now I’m really tempted! Beautiful photos!

  5. Loving your pictures. I just purchased my first non-point and shoot camera three weeks ago and am still learning how to use it, too! So sad – I was using the zoom to focus and JUST discovered last week that you have to use the front dial to focus. What a coincidence – I was also practicing with taking shots of my meyer lemon tree and magnolia blossoms as well. Great minds think alike, right?

    • enjoy that new camera! Your photos already look great- and how blissful to have a lemon tree AND a magnolia tree- heaven on earth!

  6. Beautiful pictures! Inspiring words!

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