Shop: Timothy Oulton, Dallas

Man Cave Decor, thomas crown hat, gentleman decorToday I want to take you through the delightful Timothy Oulton store that came to Dallas last summer, bringing a refreshing British vibe to Dallas shoppers. Bachelors, man cavers and home owners with game rooms should be thrilled with the handsome upbeat relaxed offerings that are now within reach. Let’s shop Dallas with a walk through this charming store:

Zebra Heads, taxidermy zebra

Lots of zebras. Very striking~

Equestrian Decor - Horse and English Saddles

A good dose of equestrian, English of course. And Thomas Crown hats…

Equestrian Decor, English Riding Boots

 British Invasion. Bring it on.

Wall Projected TV , chesterfield sofa, british design, british decor, masculine style

 Lots of leather, Chesterfield seating, design geared to be livable. Above the mantel is a projected TV screen. Even this expansive store is homey, full of vignettes creatively illustrating clever ways to create the look.

Black Lacquered Door, #10 Downing street, british door

 No detail left out. The # 10 Downing restroom doors are lacquered to the most reflective shine.

Brass mail slot, European center door knob

 Like I said: no detail…. one says Lord and the other says Lady. And the center placement of the knobs… stunning.

Man Cave Decor, sport decor, tennis theme decor, play room, game room

Sports fans will love this place… Anglophiles, ditto…

British Decor, man cave bedroom, bachelor decor

British Invasion:  I recommend that you shop Timothy Oulton, Dallas, it is quite a stylish adventure.  Let this fun British look invade your home, Timothy Oulton’s fresh style is intoxicating.  You’ll see what I mean when go! Cherrio.

4500 N. Central Expressway, Dallas TX 75206

Note: Sadly, this store has closed since the article was written. 


  1. Timothy Oulton’s British style is so handsome, which you know I love! I want the chandelier lanterns in the last picture!

    • Yes, we share that love for the masculine style. Those chandeliers are everywhere in the store. You’ll have to come see them for yourself…

  2. Oh Courtney, thanks for sharing my kind of style – almost in my backyard and I didn’t even know it. Manly, yes – but I like it too. Very clever vignettes and attention to detail- can’t wait to visit on my next Dallas trip.

  3. I ADORE the pendants used in the bedroom. A masculine flavor with a feminine touch. Brillz!!!

  4. Thanks for the fabulous blog and amazing images, Courtney. All of us at Timothy Oulton Dallas are so excited to be here and welcome all of you to come see for yourself! We have a new room set being assembled tomorrow!

  5. I have been wanting to go!! Thanks for reminding me….I think this is the perfect place to get a sofa for my husband’s library!

  6. His style is stunning, such British sophistication in so many different styles!



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