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Sherle Wagner Green Onyx and Gold on www.CourtneyPrice.comEverybody loves the elegance of Sherle Wagner. But if you don’t live in Dallas, Houston, LA, New York City or Miami – you may not have the luxury of walking through a Sherle Wagner showroom on a whim. That’s where I come in….  to take you on a visual tour through the Dallas showroom; it is too good not to share. Sherle Wagner incorporates extraordinary beauty into the utilitarian fixtures of household life, making mundane towel bars, basins, bathtubs, plumbing fixtures more appealing with precious metals, Italian marble, and polished stone.

Malachite fixtures, deco sink, luxury bath, Sherle Wagner on www.CourtneyPrice.comMalachite… who doesn’t adore it. Every detail you see in this photo is Sherle Wagner, including the Deco Sink.

Malachite Bath Fixture,luxury bath, Sherle Wagner on www.CourtneyPrice.comSherle Wagner appreciates the details.

Sherle Wagner Malachite, luxury bath, Sherle Wagner on

Sherle Wagner Mantra: True Luxury requires deriving enjoyment from everyday experiences…

Lapis and Deco Sink,luxury bath, Sherle Wagner on www.CourtneyPrice.comLapis Lazuli paired with their nickel Deco sink creates a cool contemporary pop. Sherle Wagner wallpaper.

Sherle Wagner Dolphin Hardware, onyx sink,luxury bath, Sherle Wagner on www.CourtneyPrice.comOnyx pedestal Sink, gold-plated fixtures.

The company’s first plumbing introduction- a dolphin-head faucet plated in 24-karat gold remains a signature product in the Sherle Wagner International portfolio.

Sherle Wagner Fixtures ,luxury bath, Sherle Wagner on www.CourtneyPrice.comCrystal and gold… you will see the fixture combination paired with light, medium and dark stone as you scroll down, yielding entirely different aesthetic results.

Greek Key Sherle Wagner,luxury bath, Sherle Wagner on www.CourtneyPrice.comthe greek key undermount sink…

Acanthus, Gold Banded Sink,luxury bath, Sherle Wagner on www.CourtneyPrice.comBefore I leave you thinking that Sherle Wagner is strictly traditional,

Contemporary Sherle Wagner Bath on www.CourtneyPrice.comThe product line has much to offer in the way of contemporary and timeless.Console Legs by Sherle Wagner on www.CourtneyPrice.comTheir classic lines even radiate a nowness.

Onyx Sink,luxury bath, Sherle Wagner on www.CourtneyPrice.comthis gorgeous onyx pedestal sink is hand carved…

Rose Quartz sink, Amethyst and Gold fixtures,luxury bath, Sherle Wagner on www.CourtneyPrice.comAmethyst and Gold paired with their rose quartz pedestal sink

Tiger Eye, Sherle Wagner,luxury bath, Sherle Wagner on Sherle Wagner’s Tiger Eye always calls to me, literally every time I walk into the showroom… never just any piece of tiger eye- the quality of materials is always among the best you have ever seen. Tiger eye comes in navy too, by the way…

Sherle Wagner, Hardware,luxury bath, Sherle Wagner on www.CourtneyPrice.comThese are just a few of the choices.

Marble Sink, Sherle Wagner,luxury bath, Sherle Wagner on www.CourtneyPrice.comSherle Wagner believes that the bathroom should serve as an outlet for creative expression – outfitted with precious stones and exotic materials. The company encourages creative expression of designers/clients, doing a considerable amount of custom work.

Italian Marble Basin on www.CourtneyPrice.comAnother view of this elegant basin. The handsome marble with the classic, almost feminine cut creates a stunning look.

Sherle Wagner, Rock Crystal,luxury bath, Sherle Wagner on www.CourtneyPrice.comCheck out this rock crystal specimen… perfectly cut for this fixture set.

Rock Crystal, Faucet Detail, Luxury Baths on www.CourtneyPrice.comFrom another angle… note the precision of cuts. The fact that anyone can order something so extraordinary, that this is not just a one time accomplishment….blows my mind.  All of these various gemstones have their own cleavage patterns. It is hard to wrap my head around how Sherle Wagner can make the above faucet happen again and again. Truly amazing.

Sherle Wagner, Molecule,luxury bath, Sherle Wagner on www.CourtneyPrice.comAnd this– are you ready for this? This Molecule fixture appeared in the movie Mommy Dearest; still as contemporary and hip today as it was when originally designed.

rock-crystal-bath-fixtures ,on www.CourtneyPrice.comA bit on the backstory…

Sherle Wagner is a family owned business, launched in 1945 by Sherle and Rose Wagner, creating a legacy that remains associated with opulent bath fixtures, accessories and hardware. The business began as a small shop specializing in closet fittings.  Imagine starting this business during this humble era of post depression and war, when manufacturing was cheap and all about mass production.  Sold off at one point, the company was bought back by the family so quality would be upheld in the line.

Crystal-and-gold-bath-fixtures on www.CourtneyPrice.comIt is currently run by Sherle Wagner’s son-in-law Vincent Geoffroy (Chairman) and grandson Evan Geoffroy (President).

Sherle Gold Hardware on Their dedication to quality continues, and the inventory covers so much more than just the bath, but that’s another post…

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