Scenes From BlogTourNYC

Blog Tour New York, New York at night

I want to share a few scenes from BlogTourNYC trip.  If you want the experiences  from the point of view of the attending bloggers, visit the Modenus page to link to each of their sites and follow their posts. I am going to share a slightly different perspective, that of correspondent and veteran BlogTour Blogger who followed the crew around with an eye for more than just what was on the action packed agenda…. so get ready for an abbreviated whirlwind visual stroll through BlogTourNYC:

BlogTour Bags, gift bags, swag bags

The gift bags were unbelievable, the sponsors incredibly generous.  Those lucky bloggers really needed gigantic gift suitcases. A lot of loot.

ipads and iphones, dinner with bloggersThis is what it looks like when a bunch of bloggers go out to dinner.  Social Media never stops…

Cocktails, events for bloggers

 Modenus puts the “social” into media…

Top two photos from the posh offices of Bespoke Global and bottom photo from Miele sponsored dinner at their Manhattan showroom (unbelievably amazing, cooked by chef from The Little Owl restaurant)

Design Royalty, Famous designers in New York

My own Page Six of Design Royalty from last week: Vicente Wolf, Barry Dixon, Mary Douglas Drysdale, Michael Aram, Mark Moussa of Arteriors Home, Bradford Shellhammer of

Brooklyn Bridge

 There was a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to tour hip design studios.


A tour of Manhattan luxury real estate arranged by the Corcoran Group. This residence goes for a cool 7 Million….

Kitchen Design, entertaining, home accessories

Design inspiration every minute of every day… Veronika meant it when she said- ” There are a lot of exciting things planned for you- you can sleep on the plane home.”

bloggers, photographers

Bloggers capturing great moments.


Tim of Modenus, how would we have survived without him?

Veronika Miller


Statue Of Liberty

and a final night on the water in a boat named Manhattan, circling around this lady. Sponsored by Modenus and Mr Steam.

Another BlogTour success, Modenus! Cheers !!

all images my own

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Modenus, Mr Steam, Miele, Corcoran Group, Architectural Digest Show, Michael Aram, Vincente Wolf, DuVerre Hardware, All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thanks for supporting these sponsors that allow me to create new and special content like this for


  1. Great pics Courtney. You’re so good at capturing the moment!

  2. Your pics are stunning – and so much fun, Courtney!! Love your page six roundup ;-), too! What a memorable experience. So glad to have been a part of some of the special moments of #blogtourNYC!

  3. Courtney- Love your photos. You capture the essence of people and moments so beautifully. Talent.

  4. You are a rock star on many levels…and your images amazing.

  5. Courtney, you’ve thoroughly spoiled us with your incredible photo coverage of BlogTour. Everyone in the group was made to feel special and beautiful through your talented eye. It’s a true gift and an art and I hope we get to see you again on future tours.


  6. Great camera work as usual. You made me long for New York.
    It looks like a really great #blogtour.

  7. Looks like a great time. Thanks for posting.

  8. These pics came out great!

  9. Love! My goodness, Courtney, you are so talented. Your images perfectly captured everything.

    • SO many to chose from, Nora! We will have to turn next to the Modenus site to see more ~ hard to sum up a trip like that in one post. Thrilled to finally meet you IRL.

  10. Fabulous of course! Thanks for the recap!

  11. Isn’t Blogtour THE best……Such great memories and new friends to treasure!! Great Pics Ms. Courtney!!

  12. Oh, Courtney! Brings back such good memories – I wanna go back. Miss it all – and miss you! We’ll meet again, I know! Thanks for being there! <3

  13. Courtney, beautiful photos, great artistic perspective! Someday I am going to request permission to paint one of your photos… xoxo P

  14. Thanks for the beautiful photographic tour and great insight, Courtney. Viva la Blog Tour!

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