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SXSW Badge, www.CourtneyPrice.comFavorite snap shot moments and soundbites of SXSW Interactive so far:

Mastercard Elevator-Pitch, Mashable House, SXSW, on¬†Mashable’s “Elevator Pitch”. Contestants entered the elevator solo, gave their 60 second pitch to a corner-mounted camera (while everybody watched on 2 tv screens, outside of the elevator) in hopes of winning money. I really don’t know how they kept a straight face.

hooli in Mashable House, SXSW, on www.CourtneyPrice.comMore Mashable brilliance- 3D photos- and they were hilarious. look at the lineup of cameras that create the final image. An arc of many.

Katy Perry Liger, Mashable House, SXSW, on www.CourtneyPrice.comMashable’s Katy Perry “Liger”

Meerkat App on www.CourtneyPrice.comIf you are not familiar with Meerkat, it is worth checking out. It caught on like wildfire at SXSW. I used it to stream the Biz Stone session, and a few others. I had a friend “meerkat” a party to me just the other night- it was like being there, but even better. I wasn’t getting bumped into as SHE walked around the party. This new technology will either be used in really great or really awful ways. Lets hope for the former.

#MophieRescue on www.CourtneyPrice.comMophie scored most creative marketing campaign with #mophierescue. They partnered with a St. Bernard Rescue organization to go assist low battery distress tweets, deploying canines to deliver charges for phone. They also offered free cold drinks at their “Mophie Lodge” to recharge the attendees. Brilliant.

Future Islands at SXSW on www.CourtneyPrice.comSXSW is (also) all about the parties… this is the Future Islands band from one of Spredfast’s events.

sxsw dj on www.courtneyprice.comMusic, naturally, is everywhere. Austin can definitely deliver great music.

SXSW wristbands on www.CourtneyPrice.comThe right wristbands open some nice doors. Wristbands = VIP and/or party. Some of them- you best wear for the entire show.


Google Pitch on www.CourtneyPrice.comSXSW is not strictly informational- serious business is conducted during this time as well. Pitches aplenty take place as well. This one was one of five that was invited to pitch to Google.



Jo Dee Taylor on

SXSW is a social media mecca. These people are the social pros- REALLY know how to use the platforms and openly support new friends and contacts, enhancing the SXSW experience for all. It is refreshing to see that spirit.

SXSW coverage on www.CourtneyPrice.comYou see this sort of thing everywhere. People are connected, and by no means is it considered rude to be on the phone.

How to tell if your speech is engaging on

Search And Rescue Robot on

From the Robot Petting Zoo: This search and rescue robot, named Bujold, is the product of Texas A&M CRASAR, and one of four used at the World Trade Center. These robots handle compact rubble with voids too small for humans or dogs to search.

Extreme Bionics Hugh Herr on www.CourtneyPrice.comSXSW covers medical technology issues as well. Hugh Herr gave an inspiring presentation on bionic technology, and his hope that it will one day end disability. I fully expect his story to be made into a movie. Read more about this hero here.

Bill Gurley Malcomb Gladwell on www.CourtneyPrice.comMalcomb Gladwell interview of Bill Gurley (all Bill Gurley quotes):

Biz Stone on

Bethany Joy Clark and Indiana Adams on www.CourtneyPrice.comBethany Joy Clark and Indiana Adams

Regarding helping others/helping your peers:

Momofuko's David Chang on

David Chang of Momofuko:

“Nobody is born perfect- we all have to make mistakes and learn and find your voice. That’s what gets lost in the immediacy of the internet” -David Chang, Momofuko

facebook austin on


Bates Motel on

Austin Bikes


sxsw transportation tweet on

game of thrones on


Burro Food Truck, SouthBites, Food trucks were everywhere in honor of SouthBites, and the popular ones had hours long wait lines.

Shiner Bock on

SXSW shirts

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