Ralph Pucci Showroom

Murals at Ralph Pucci on www.CourtneyPrice.com

A design tour through New York would not be complete without a few edgy stops. Thanks to a nice suggestion by Stacy Bewkes we made a fun stop. The Ralph Pucci showroom has two floors of outside of the box creativity for those with a palette for bold and edgy. Very fresh and creative, this showroom pushes the boundaries of contemporary, leaving no surface untouched. Whether it is your taste or not, it is an impressionable adventure, as you will see from the pictures:Even the walls, floors and ceilings become art.

abstract murals at Ralph Pucci on www.CourtneyPrice.com

These walls were all painted freehand by a known local artist.

Oversized Andy Warhol photos Ralph Pucci Showroom www.CourtneyPrice.com

How appropriate. Ralph Pucci and Andy Warhol knew each other.

Contemporary Lamp by Ralph Pucci on www.CourtneyPrice.com

Lighting as art. Cool lamps everywhere.

Contemporary Sconces Ralph Pucci on www.CourtneyPrice.com

More lighting as art. These sculptural sconces are so heavy that the walls needed extra fortification. They have halogen lights. What piece of art would you place between these sconces?

Hanging Sofa Ralph Pucci on www.CourtneyPrice.com

Is this cool or WHAT. I love this hanging sofa.

Ralph Pucci on www.CourtneyPrice.com

An artful mix of old and new. So cool to juxtapose contemporary furnishings against great old architecture. How cool are those contemporary chandeliers? And the table, and the chaise, and the…. well, everything.

Classic Contemporary Art at Ralph Pucci on www.CourtneyPrice.com

Even these two pieces of art have a surreal twist if you note the headless and tailless horses.

Uber Modern Furniture at Ralph Pucci on www.CourtneyPrice.com

A retro lofty feel…

Contemporary Design at Ralph Pucci on www.CourtneyPrice.com

Even the furniture is art.

Contemporary Sculpture at Ralph Pucci on www.CourtneyPrice.com

It is like a trip through the MOMA where everything is for sale.  So what do you think? Is this level of contemporary right up your alley or is it too much? Please comment and give us your thoughts-

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All photos by Courtney Price

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  1. You know how I love art on walls. LOVE IT!

  2. Very cool! Thank you for taking us on this journey. I’m adding it to my NY to-do list.

  3. Stunning. I am not modern or contemporary but love the cleanliness and serenity of this look. Amazing showroom; thank you for sharing the tour with us!!

  4. what an awesome place! I love all the details you captured. Thanks for the tour- there are some great ideas here

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