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 “3 million people start blogs per month. 80% of them fail in the same month. It’s hard work.” -Charlotte Moss

Charlotte Moss, my new hero, is a blogger and social media user in addition to  being a famous design icon. She is loaded with class, authenticity, sophistication and charm. One of the best things about her is that she say’s it like it is; her direct approach is refreshing.  We were fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from her at Design Bloggers Conference in Los Angeles last week – I am sharing a few takeaways of her presentation because she made quite an impression regarding the ethics and values that should correspond with the privilege of having a public point of view. Her topic may have made some people squirm but her point was valid:  we need to raise the bar on blogging. I couldn’t agree  more. She began by giving everybody in the audience one of these great hats…

Show Me The Content, Importance of Original Content


Be thoughtful about what you do –  your blog is your point of view, it is YOUR voice, remember that. It is all about accountability. You are accountable to yourself – your own set of values will come through on your blog. Exercise courtesy, remember that your point of view is a privilege, and is a voice heard world-wide.

Rude comments- to those gutless wonders who want to dish on you, say no to that. Say no to anonymous commenters. It’s all about accountability. Do not engage them…

In design we are all about photos – We have to honor those people who take the photos. Credit your sources. Apparently some bloggers must have missed this part of the presentation, because I have been seeing my photographs uncredited in blogs of those who should know better… 

Be informed- we as bloggers are fact checkers, editors, investigative reporters and publishers – and this should be taken seriously.

“The toughest thing about writing is writing.”

-Nora Ephron

Blog beautifully, blog truthfully- Be inspiring, be provocative.

Charlotte Moss

Charlotte Moss’s Blogma:

  • Be Informed
  • Be selective about what you write and how
  • Be kind
  • Be accurate
  • Be ethical
  • Be respectful
  • Be original
  • have a point of view

Charlotte Moss is cool, down to earth and spot ON with her insights. What she had to share was thought-provoking and insightful. I appreciate that she took the time to tailor such a poignant message to this specific group- we needed to hear it. Thank you, Charlotte!!

HGTV,  Laurie March

HGTV’s Laurie March had more wise pointers to add:

“Know your niche: really really well, so you know which opportunities are right for you.”

Don’t dilute your brand by aligning yourself with brands that don’t fit.”

Share and be sharable.”




  1. Charlotte Moss is on point! Thanks for sharing her tips Courtney!

  2. Thank you Courtney for sharing this great information! She definitely has a way of speaking and putting it to the point, which I love too! Great post!


  3. Lisa@TheDecorGirl says:

    Thank you for sharing Courtney. I love it. There are quite a few “design bloggers” who just re-gurgitate pretty magazine pictures with useless commentary and no content. I’m glad someone with the stature of Ms. Moss is suggesting accountability matters. Amen.

    XO – Lisa

  4. Everyone who blogs or thinking about it, must read this on #blogging! xox

  5. Thanks so much for posting this! Some great takeaways here — Knowing your niche and being accountable for yourself!

  6. Sorry I missed this presentation because it is exactly my “blogma” as well. Every single point Charlotte made is something I am conscious of and pay attention to every day. Glad to see someone in her position of visibility emphasizing these issues!!

  7. thanks for the advice! Wonderful nuggets of inspiration!

  8. Awesome blog my friend! So well said and once again, your photography captures it all. Thanks for making me your poster child:) I kinda like hiding behind the camera:)

  9. Thank you so much for posting this! I was fortunate enough to hear this presentation in person and was truly inspired…still am! I love that you’re getting the message out to more people. Thanks again for another great post!

  10. Looking forward to your great post Courtney! (and of course, your fab pics 😉 Hope to see you soon. xoxo stacy

  11. Great post!

  12. Is there anything you can’t do? Love this blog, Charlotte was a straight shooter wrapped up in southern sugar~loved her xoxo

  13. Awesome post, I couldn’t agree more. I was fortunate enough to hear her presentation and was really happy that she said it all! It was interesting during break listening to all of the comments from bloggers who were in agreement and awe of her frankness.

  14. Courtney, thank you for this extremely well written piece that embodies all Charlotte stands for. Continue to show us the content!


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