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It’s not just the face of retail undergoing radical transformation …
Bivins Gallery snaps us out of our own personal realities for an hour or more with the interactive Psychedelic Robot pop-up museum in Dallas. A group of internationally-recognized celebrity artists create immersive custom art exhibitions laced with INTERACTIVE surprises that one might say are… highly instagramable. ✔️ Dallasites, check out this nine-day pop-up museum in the Crescent Court….definitely an experience to stir the creative juices.  

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If you already have tickets to Psychedelic Robot, the images in this post will hardly spoil the experience because there is a LOT to see in a two-story space. Attendees are encouraged to explore every nook of the exhibit, even behind walls and under stairwells. Photography is encouraged. Social media posts are extremely welcome. Psychedelic Robot has a short life very much in the now.

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your comfort zone will kill you, more on this popup exhibit at

Fashion photographer Parish Kohanim, at pop-up museum Psychedelic Robot, more on

The artist of the above piece, Parish Kohanim, is a well-known fashion photographer. Bonus: he is actually AT the pop-up with a studio set up to take your photo if you so desire. Who would pass on that opportunity? Unsurprisingly, he gently guides his subjects through the process with skillful tips to ensure great photos. Parish makes the experience more than ok for the camera shy like myself. For those who want to take his portraiture to a more serious level, he is represented by Bivins Gallery.

A nod to Dallas, neon Pegasus Horses, on

a very interactive exhibit- the Psychedelic Robot, on

A love wall makes the best photo backdrop, as seen on

Art is everywhere at Psychedelic Robot, and no two people will have the same experience. All artists represented are available for commission. More information about the artists and tickets –> available here.

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