Philippe Grohe – On Good Design

Philippe Grohe of Hansgrohe

 Philippe Grohe, head of Axor/Hansgrohe SE, on what makes design good:

 “For me personally, good design should have a notion of timelessness. A well-designed object is able to trigger an emotional response through aesthetics, while, at the same time, fulfilling its function. Ideally, it should also integrate symbolic content and present a technological innovation. Good design, and this is the pretense we follow with the Axor brand, should always change our awareness for what we are doing when we use a product. A well-designed bathroom fixture, for example, should first and foremost clean our skin, then it should produce an emotional response, and finally, it should leave us with the conscious experience that water is a valuable resource. Our newest collaboration with Philippe Starck, Axor Starck Organic, embodies this pretense very well.”

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  1. Nice article Courtney. I absolutely love the Axor Starck Organic range. And it was nice to meet Philippe Grohe in Cologne!

  2. I thought he was really cute. And very friendly. Which made me like the beautiful Axor Starck Organic line even more.

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