John Singer Sargent’s Portraits of Friends

Self-Portrait-Sargent, Sargent: Artists and Friends- at The Met, on

John Singer Sargent- Self portrait, 1906

Exhibition at Metropolitan Museum to Focus on John Singer Sargent’s Portraits of Friends

Exhibition Dates: June 30–October 4, 2015

Throughout his career, the celebrated American painter John Singer Sargent (1856–1925) created portraits of artists, writers, actors, and musicians, many of whom were his close friends. Because these works were rarely commissioned, he was free to create images that were more radical than those he made for paying clients. He often posed these sitters informally—in the act of painting, singing, or performing, for example. Together, the portraits constitute a group of experimental paintings and drawings—some of them highly charged, others sensual, and some of them intimate, witty, or idiosyncratic. Opening at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on June 30, the exhibition Sargent: Portraits of Artists and Friends will bring together about 90 of these distinctive portraits, including numerous loans from private collections. It will also explore in depth the friendships between Sargent and those who posed for him as well as the significance of these relationships to his life and art.

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A Look into the Google Offices – Over at Huff Post TECH

Google Offices at Huff Post Tech

Today we are over at Huff Post Tech, taking a tour of the Google Offices in New York,

where their diverse work environments will get anybody’s creative juices flowing. One look at Google NY Offices might prompt you to redesign your own work environment. Design matters. Always.

Where Design Boosts Creativity: the Offices of Google, NYC

Shop Dallas: Bisous Bisous

Uptown Macarons-Shop Dallas: Bisous Bisous

Dallas hit the jackpot when Andrea Meyer decided to open a patisserie in the West Village area.  This energetic and enterprising macaron-maven has an impressive background that she shares with us today as we discus her interesting path which lead to the creation of Bisous Bisous. Her eye for detail, love of Paris, and professional path make for a great story- and the best macrons on the planet. If you don’t live in Dallas, I apologize in advance for [Read more…]

Ralph Lauren’s Rhinelander Mansion Backstory on Huffington Post

Ralph Lauren's Rhinelander Mansion on Huffington Post:

New York history is anything but boring. Come see the story behind Ralph Lauren’s NYC Men’s Flagship store, the Rhinelander Mansion, over at HuffPost New York. This beautiful address has quite a story behind it that will give you even more respect for Ralph Lauren.

Artist Spotlight: Alejandro Guijarro and his Momentum Series

Stanford-II,  photographer Alejandro Guijarro and his Momentum Series- quantum mechanics from the finest learning institutions around the world- www.CourtneyPrice.comMomentum is a body of work created over a three-year project during which Alejandro Guijarro travelled to the world’s great quantum mechanics institutions and photographed blackboards. He visited . The resulting photographs are as big as the blackboards themselves, and the resolution is so realistic that the viewer might be tempted to run a finger across the image just to see if it will return chalk covered. I had the pleasure of seeing this powerful series at The Dallas Art Fair earlier this year. The grouping of his works becomes a force field of sorts; these massive “blackboards” have a way of magnetically pulling people in- perhaps those who enjoy intellectual pursuits might be drawn to them in hopes that osmosis might set in. The designer in me would love to see these in an office or a library… like my own, selfishly.  Of course I had questions for the artist, which unearthed the deep thoughts behind the Momentum series. Meet Alejandro Guijarro and view more of his series here:

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