Shower Innovations, Over The Top Trends

What do you think about these shower innovations?

contemp shower head by graff -infinity

This sleek design was just introduced by Graff this year. It incorporates LED technology to alert the showerer, before stepping in, of the temperature of the water- ranging from red to blue to signify heat or cold. The LED lighting can also be set for a color therapy experience, to bathe in the color of red, blue, green or white light.

chandelier showerhead, marcel wanders

This chandelier shower head also is made with LED lighting, all white light. Designed by the brilliant Marcel Wanders. It is so new that pricing and availability are not available yet.

Hans Grohe showerheads

This by Hans Grohe offers four different sprays and can be used as a wall mount or handheld.

So, what do you think…? Ready for a remodel after seeing these? Which one do you like?

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