Olympians of the Tech World

Tech Olympians on www.CourtneyPrice.comWe are currently immersed in an inspiring few weeks. Just last week the Superbowl delivered the greats of football and advertising. This week commences eighteen days of winter sport greatness at the Sochi Olympics. Let’s take a moment to step away from the TV and recognize a few of the heroes of the tech world, because without the technology we take for granted daily, these events would not be nearly so accessible, sharable or fun. Do you ever wonder where it is all headed?  Here are a few clues from people who would know:

What the Influencers say….

The New Marketing:

“In today’s hyper-connected world, the winners of the content wars will be the brands who have created and shared exceptional content. The best brands recognize that people – not ads or messages – are the new voice of their companies.” –Tami Cannizzaro, IBM Director of Marketing

How Social Media is Transforming Business:

“…people are now more likely to hear about a new product or a company from their friends vs from a corporation or a news source.  Businesses therefore need to rethink their communications strategy.     The bar has been raised — businesses can no longer rely on broadcast messages.  They need to create advocates who will promote their brand, their cause, which means they need to be exceptional in some way.     In some ways, it’s no longer about selling, it’s about inspiring a fan base.” –Tami Cannizzaro, IBM Director of Marketing   (read more of this interesting interview)

Digital Disruption:

“Todays’s savviest digital businesses — media companies, marketers and more — are anticipating (customer) needs and engaging them with an immersive experience. They are moving beyond a two-way conversation into a much richer discourse.  These companies know TV is a static medium, while the Web is dynamic, interactive and participatory. People don’t want to sit back and be force-fed an experience; they want to help create it — on their screens; in their jobs, at home, in the businesses they visit.”  –Nikesh Aurora, Google Chief Business Officer

Social Media, More Complicated than Some May Think:

“The reason people need advice on using social media is that they’re  a much more complex and nuanced way to communicate than a conversation or an email.” –Alexis Ohanian, Cofounder of Reddit, dubbed “Mayor of the Internet” by Forbes

“Being effective at social media, whether for business or personal use, means capturing people who have short attention spans…” –Alexis Ohanian, Cofounder of Reddit, dubbed “Mayor of the Internet” by Forbes

Strong Future for Social Media:

“Will the Social Networking phenomenon lessen? I don’t think so.” –Marissa Mayer, Yahoo President & CEO, Google’s 1st female engineer

A Word on Branding:

“I don’t want to be sold to when I walk into a store. The job is to be a brilliant brand ambassador. Don’t sell! No! Because that’s a turn-off.  Build an amazing brand experience, and then it will just naturally happen.”  –Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s new Retail Chief as of March 2014, Burberry CEO 

These people are amazing and inspiring. It will be interesting to continue to follow them to watch where technology is headed. Clearly we have some paradigm shifts on the way for social media, branding and marketing.  Any thoughts or predictions?


  1. So much for all those who think social media is just for kids! This is no longer a digital revolution is is rethinking the way companies and individuals brand and present themselves. Love what Angela says about not wanting to be “sold” when one walks into a store. This is soooo true but the store managers and store owners need to revise their employee training methodology to incorporate the way people interact today.

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