New Sherle Wagner Showroom


This week Sherle Wagner will be unveiling their new Dallas showroom, which it is not to be missed. Aesthetically, think Tate Museum- a highly industrial light filled space (18 sky lights), filled with serious works of art for the home.  Sub-sectioned galleries will showcase vignettes of product representing the range of styles offered, from ornate to transitional to modern. There will also be a rotating pop-up art show. Here is a sneak peek of the showroom due to open later this week:

Sherle-Wagner-Dallas-Showroom, split level water feature,

Split level water feature. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Full house opening event– full of high heeled designers– sipping on Patron Magazine specialty cocktails? Perhaps they should hire a hot lifeguard to “man” the crowd…

Desert Gold, Sherle Wagner finishes, Dallas showroom, desert gold, high end bath, interior design

Move over Apple, with your ROSE GOLD. Sherle Wagner has a new DESERT GOLD finish in their lineup, and it is stunning.
Sherle-Wagner-Dallas-Showroom-Design-Center, sherle wagner design center

In house design center-

Sherle-Wagner-Gold-Bathroom-fixtures, bath hardware, sherle wagner, gold fixtures, 14ct gold hardware, 24 ct gold hardware

Sherle-Wagner-Sinks-and-faucets, design center, bath fixtures,

I love how easy Sherle Wagner makes it for customers to part with their money create sky’s-the-limit customized design for their homes. Mix and match pull out sink drawers pair with moveable faucet decks – merging any scenario- nothing left to the imagination. The showroom is brilliantly planned for architects and designers to work with clients.

Sherle-Wagner-fixtures, neoclassical design, neoclassical furniture legs, gold furniture fixtures

A detail from one of the guest baths in the showroom, referred to as the Coco Chanel bathroom. You’ll have to go to the showroom to see the rest of it. Trust me, you will want to recreate this entire look in your own home.

molecular fixtures, mommy dearest, sherle wagner

The Sherle Wagner molecular fixtures that everyone asks about and searches the internet for- from the movie Mommy Dearest.

Sherle-Wagner-Showroom-bath, sherle wagner, sherle wagner lighting, sherle wagner sink

The other, more he-man inspired bath in the showroom, with lighting by Sherle Wagner.

Sherle-Wagner-Linens, sherle wagner showroom, sherle wagner dallas

Did you know that Sherle Wagner does more than bath fixtures? Lighting, linens, furniture, door hardware, cabinet hardware, tubs, sinks, and custom ANYTHING…. so plan to dream big. As they say in Texas, go big or go home.

Sherle-Wagner-Mantel, sherle wagner mirror, sherle wagner dallas, sherle wagner showroom, custom mantel

This fireplace, and the mirror- also Sherle Wagner.  Spoiler Alert: there’s more to see. So much more. If you are in Dallas this week, come to the opening:

Sherle Wagner, black and gold sink, onyx and gold, bath fixtures, high end bathroom, gold and crystal bath fixtures

See you there?

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