Neutral Zone

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Neutral colors sometimes get a bad rap in the design world, getting panned as the dated “griege” of boring, monochromatic yawns. They deserve the bad press if they are misused in unimaginative ways.  Neutrals can be employed artfully to set a tone for a specific focal point in a room, to create a peaceful environment, to lead your eye to a specific “pop” design element. Even colors, when used in a sophisticated way can actually become neutrals in a palette. Do not underestimate the power of neutral… it can be used to great design advantage.  

above: Texture shifts within a color range create a sparkly neutral palette for a Dallas project, creating a peaceful space that is cool and refined… and allows for an unexpected surprise elsewhere in the room via art. (and btw that fabulous lizard is from Bernadette Shaeffler Collection)

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A rug like this creates a serene feel in a room, and the light color opens this room up to feel bigger. (Dallas)

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For handsome neutral bathroom- who ever said that neutral had to be boring… Ann Sacks Tile.(NYC)

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Linen and cotton neutral pattern mix including ikat and stripe create a very light and uplifting room. (Dallas project)

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 In Dallas’ Blue Print Store, an antique Biedermier chair upholstered in fresh white linen with a beautiful block printed fabric pillow for a current neutral transitional look.

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 This neutral accent pillow blends velvet, sequins, and cotton. Available at Dallas Mecox Gardens.

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Pattern shifts within a color range (New Orleans)

Crystal mix on

Vintage lucite candle sticks and crystal ball from Mecox create a non-compete with the other colors in this room. (Dallas)


  1. Neutrals can bring great balance to a room, even for those who love color, a room needs neutrals to make the magic happen and let a room really sing.

  2. Love these neutrals … and the texture and little bit of shimmer that make these shine!

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