Nest Does it Again- A Smoke Detector That’s Not Annoying

nest smoke detector

 Another Nest game changer hits the market: The NEST PROTECT, controllable with the iOS app, selling for $129.

It thoughtfully acts as a motion sensitive night-light, if you walk through the room in the dark, and will alert your iPhone of smoke or elevated carbon monoxide levels, and false alarms can even be waived quiet with the flick of a hand. The device will actually talk to you with a human voice to tell you what and where the problem is- and send you a polite message on your iOS device- even when the batteries are running low — rather than a middle of the night shrieking annoying alarm.

I just love Nest technologies and aesthetics- what will they think of next. See more at the  Nest Site.


  1. sweet! although, I’m not sure I would want to make use of the night light feature. In truth, at $129 per, this becomes a fairly expensive solution. Code requires a smoke detector on both sides of a bedroom door and very quickly a $200 line item turns into a $2,000 line item. I suppose like all things, you choose your battles (and locations!)

  2. Of course they came out with this, after I just bought a new security system with smoke detectors. Love the Nest products. No reason everyday items can’t look good. :)

  3. #1 on my husbands xmas list!! We already have the NEST thermometers – they are awesome!

  4. Wow they are sooo much better looking than typical smoke alarms. I like the battery warning and ability to wave off false alarms.


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