Miele Steam Cooking: Technology for a Healthy Kitchen

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Another reason to be excited about the IMM show is sponsor Miele, renown worldwide appliance manufacturer. One thing in particular that interests me about Miele is their steam cooking innovations – not only are they on the front of the steam cooking trend, they were actually the first appliance manufacturer to design and manufacture a built-in steam oven for residential use! Over a decade ago. They don’t follow the trends, they create them…

I am chomping at the bit to see their products and get to spend time with the Miele representatives at the IMM – Living Kitchen show, learning more about how to make delicious food healthy… always a priority in my home.

steam ovenWhat is so great about a steam oven you say? Plenty:

Steam cooking has long respected for its nutritional benefits, speed and versatility.  More than a decade ago, Miele became the first appliance manufacturer to design and manufacture a built-in steam oven for residential use, offering consumers a smarter way to prepare, cook or reheat food. Today, as steam cooking continues to increase in popularity, Miele Steam Ovens are becoming an integral tool for America’s kitchens. The Miele Steam Oven, paired with the Miele MasterChef™ Oven, is rapidly creating a new paradigm for the “double oven.”

Unlike conventional ovens, which use hot air to cook, the Miele Steam Oven uses ”fresh steam” to cook, displacing the oxygen responsible for chemical reactions which dissipates nutrients in food.  In the Miele Steam Oven, steam is generated in water outside the oven.  Steaming with an external steam generator not only provides gentle cooking, but will not dehydrate the outer layers of food.  Steam ovens which generate steam inside the oven can cause overheating within the oven atmosphere.  Additionally a dry, aggressive heat often emerges during the preheating phase.  The Miele Steam Oven features a powerful steam generator which delivers a superior balance of heat and moisture.  This combination delivers evenness and consistent results on all shelf levels.

how to cook with steam oven

The Miele exact temperature control system measures and controls the temperature in the oven assuring the right combination of time and temperature, regardless of the amount of food being prepared.  For instance the required steam setting for peas is 212°F for five minutes – whether fresh, frozen or a mix of both, in 2 or 10 ounces. This electronically controlled steaming process virtually eliminates the possibility of overcooking.

The Miele Steam Oven is ideal for cooking more than just vegetables. “Steaming is a fabulous way to retain vital nutrients,” explained Christine Avanti, nutritionist and author. “The benefit of steaming is the ability to gently cook food at a low heat thus retaining nutrients and palatability, whether cooking meats, poultry, fish – even deserts.” Featuring four shelves that fit a variety of stainless steel trays, the Miele Steam Oven allows users to easily prepare an entire meal – from appetizers to desserts in one oven. Flavor transfer is eliminated as pressurized convection steam creates a protective layer around the food, ensuring your salmon tastes like salmon and desserts stay sweet and delicious, all while cooking simultaneously.

The Miele unique MasterChef™ technology, guides cooks through the entire process. Vegetables, fish, poultry, meat, eggs, grains and fruits are all part of the Miele MasterChef™ automatic programs including the easy-to-use touch screen interface and ingredient-driven menu, eliminating guesswork, elevating confidence and empowering cooks to deliver perfect results. The Miele “favorites” function even allows cooks to save up to 30 custom recipes. For restricted diets, steam ovens are a must. Not only do foods retain nearly all of their nutrients, but steam cooking eliminates the need to use extra fats like butter or oil in preparation.

So.. for the health conscious reader, stay tuned and I will enthusiastically report back from the IMM/Living Kitchen show with more scoop on the Miele products. I better leave spare room in the suitcase for a steam oven.

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  1. If there is one steam oven at the show, I will trample you to get to it. I am NOT a skinny bitch, but I can be a speedy unhitch! By the way, I have a post coming in the morning about the steam oven. Between writing it and reading this, I am now exceptionally hungry.

  2. hahaha. Not “unhitch” although I may be unhinged. I meant “unbitch.” Stupid autofill.

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