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Ikat pattern, Madeline Weinrib fabric, upholstery on

P. 134, Designer: Emma Pilkington, Home: Christina & Chris Cuomo in the Hamptons, Photography:
Roger Davies, Producer: Carlos Mota, Editor: Christine Schwartz Hartley, Item: Navy Luce Ikat Settee


Designer Madeline Weinrib has shaped a sophisticated signature style that is at once timeless and modern. She brings a layered and luxurious sensibility to the world of contemporary design with her collections of heirloom quality carpets and artfully conceived textiles, accessories and home accents. Through her Atelier and Showroom in New York, Madeline Weinrib is devoted to helping her clients create beautifully appointed, bespoke spaces that reflect their distinct personality and singular point of view.  Let’s take a look at the beauty that Madeline brings to interior design:

Ikat pattern, Madeline Weinrib fabric on

P. 130, Designer: Emma Pilkington, Home: Christina & Chris Cuomo in the Hamptons, Photography:
Roger Davies, Producer: Carlos Mota, Editor: Christine Schwartz Hartley, Items: Purple Luce Ikat Chairs

Madeline’s entry into the world of design was, in many respects, organic. An established painter, she exhibited regularly throughout the 1990s and taught drawing at CUNY before designing her first carpet collection for ABC Carpet & Home in 1997. Inspired by the challenge of translating painterly ideals to warp and weft, Madeline sensed an opportunity to carve out a new niche and to redefine what was at the time a conservative, ancient idiom. With her individual approach to pattern, palette and scale, her unorthodox, ultra-chic reinterpretations bring an unprecedented vitality to a centuries-old art form.

Madeline’s first carpet collection was inspired by her charcoal drawings, but she often says she really found her voice as a designer when she started creating her colorful cotton flatweaves, which are now one of her signature (and most popular) products.

Floral pattern, Madeline Weinrib Rugs on

P. 426, Location: Freeman’s Restaurant in Manhattan, Photography: Anita Calero, Item: Black &
White Chime Tibetan Carpet

Travel is also a big source of inspiration for Madeline — the countries she frequents most often include India, Morocco, Turkey, and Nepal. Many of her designs are inspired by traditional motifs or patterns she discovers while traveling; by playing with the scale and color palette she translates what may have previously been a very traditional motif into something completely new and modern.

tribal pattern, Madeline Weinrib Rugs on

Madeline Weinrib rug on

P. 128, Designer/Home: Hollister Hovey, Photography: Matthew Williams, Item: Natural Sugar
Tibetan Carpet

There are not words for how amazing the carpet shown above is in person. Here is a detail of this same carpet, where you can practically feel how soft and shimmery the silk content makes this one.

Madeline Weinrib Rug, silk and wool rug on

Madeline Weinrib Fabric, Black and white patterned pillows on

P. 104, Designer: Jennifer Ferreira, Home: Jerome & Michelle Edelstein, Items: Black Brooke
Blockprint Fabric Custom Pillows

 Madeline inspires us to layer patterns, she makes it easy:Madeline Weinrib fabrics on

Madeline Weinrib Fabric, Blue and white pattern on

P. 216-17, Photography: Sang An, Producer: Anita Sarsidi, Items: Blue Isabelle Blockprint Upholstered
Bench and Indigo Brooke Cotton Carpet

Below see another colorway of the gorgeous blockprint fabric:

Madeline Weinrib Fabric, Pink and white pattern on

or if you like her blues as much as I do, here are some more:

Madeline Weinrib, Blue and White Fabrics on

silk ikats:

silk ikat, Madeline Weinrib fabric on

Madeline Weinrib textiles, Madeline Weinrib rug on

Designer/Home: Madeline Weinrib, Photography: Simon Upton, Producer: Anita Sarsidi, Items:
Custom Mandala Tibetan Carpet, Blue Charm Suzani Pillows, Blue Luce Ikat Fabric Duvet,
Black Sommers Suzani Bench and Black Zig Zag Amagansett Vintage Horn Ottoman

See how her sophisticated use of pattern and color can transform a table setting to dreamy and exotic:

Madeline Weinrib textiles on

P. 176, Photography: Kate Sears, Producer: Anita Sarsidi, Item: Cherry Satin Jam Ikat Fabric

I love love love this bold room. Black & white (photography) & red all over. WELL DONE Bibi Monnahan!

Red Room, Madeline Weinrib rug on

Designer: Bibi Monnahan, Home: John Demsey’s Manhattan Townhouse, Photographer: Simon Upton,
Editor: Mitchell Owens, Producer: Cynthia Frank, Items: Red Luce Ikat Curtains and Custom
Wool & Silk Chime Tibetan Carpet

In addition to her Fifth Avenue Showroom and her Atelier at ABC Carpet & Home (note: these are two separate locations) Madeline’s designs are also available on the website. She also creates exclusive pieces for Barneys, which are sold in their stores nationwide.

If you have any questions about any of the beautiful Madeline Weinrib products you have seen in this post, do not hesitate to let me know.

all photographs (if not otherwise noted) provided by Madeline Weinrib Studio


  1. I love Madeline Weinrib designs, her interiors allow one to appreciate the beauty of a pattern as it moves with other textures rather than be overwhelmed by it. Her fabrics and rugs offer great coloration and are unique without offering up a date stamp. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. gaahhhh…in love with it all!! fabulous designs. Thanks for the introduction!

  3. wow that’s really amazing, so nice interior and home decoration. love this beautiful stuff. so much helpful information. I really appreciate and Thumbs Up for you.

  4. I’ve always been a huge fan of Madeline Weinrib, as I will always be partial to ikats and a little dose of ethnic. In my mind, they are never outdated and are always trending, so thanks for sharing!

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